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Review of MLM Reviews: Is Platincoin REALLY a Scam?

Platincoin scam or not?

Hello friends, today once again we have brought a review of an MLM company. For our readers, we always try to write an MLM review based on facts.

Reader's compliments and feedback on our earlier written reviews show that they are satisfied with our efforts.

Review of MLM Reviews: Is Platin Coin REALLY a Scam?
As we know, it is very difficult for many people to differentiate between Network Marketing (MLM) and Pyramid Scheme (Ponzi Scheme), etc. This is the reality. Therefore, in today's time, too many people are considering network marketing as a future business and many people also consider it as bad.

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Which category you fall in is on your ideology. But in this article, we have not tried to change your ideology. It is not even possible to do this.

But if someone distorts the facts, only for his vested interest, this too cannot be accepted.

We will write only what is on the basis of facts, and we will write on what is wrong, that too with proof.

We are writing what is good in Platincoin at the beginning of this article, but there are some questions, whose answers are unresolved, we have also written on it, so read this article till the end, and then come to a conclusion.

Our aim is to guide you only. Not to promote anything wrong. Please be aware. Half incomplete decisions can harm you financially, but you can also be negative towards a beautiful business like network marketing.

Today, in this article, we are not only writing a review of the Platincoin Company but are also trying to expose many bloggers who write the review by ignoring the facts and showing their premeditated mindset and a negative attitude towards Network Marketing (MLM)

Therefore, this article is very important, that it is not only a review of any MLM company but also a review of many reviews written on this company.

My request is to read this article till the end before you come to the conclusion. My request is to you, read this article until the end and then decide.

Definitely some people using Network Marketing (MLM) for scams. Such people can also be more in quantity. But are all people scams?

We always welcome all the reviews written on the facts and evidence and always will be. But some people are working to increase the rankings of their blog (websites) and gain cheap popularity. This is also an attempt to expose them to our readers.

First of all, see what Alex Reinhard himself telling about the negative review on Google ...!

Let us start with searching "platincoin reviews" on will take the top-ranked two websites liveminutes-DOT-com and realmlm-DOT-reviews to discuss more on their Platincoin Review.

liveminutes-DOT-com Review 

Review of MLM Reviews: Is Platin Coin REALLY a Scam?
Screen-shot was taken from liveminutes-DOT-com

At the beginning of a review article written on 19th May 2020 by liveminutes-DOT-com, the writer said Platincoin India and PLC Academy are a scam and have worked hard (?) to prove it. Let's see what facts they have put behind calling Platincoin a scam.

Review of MLM Reviews: Is Platin Coin REALLY a Scam?
Screen-shot was taken from liveminutes-DOT-com

As you can see in the screenshot above. According to this article, PLC is a very large MLM scam. But nothing has been written about how this is a scam. The association of many people with this company is proof of the scam? There is no proof shown about the scam in this article.

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The author of this article further writes that this company cheated with a lot of people, but if presenting any evidence can also be considered. But did not present any evidence. 

In the next phase of this article, the author writes that this company claims abnormal profits. But the lie of this claim opens here. Such a claim is not made anywhere in Platincoin.

There are some claims which are made on the basis of mathematical principles, such as if you keep Platincoins on PLC Farm, then you will get 30% growth. But this 30% growth is given on your coins, not on your investment. You get the benefit of this growth in the PLC Farm of increasing your coins and not on the returns of your investment.

On the matter of abnormal profits, Platincoin has proved itself in the last 4 years. The starting cost of the Platincoin was 0.1 euro per coin, this coin has reached 5 Euro today. Believe not on me! You can check the truth of the growth of the Platincoin, by visiting cryptocurrency exchanges around the world.

To get the list of these exchanges Click here.

The cryptocurrency has a bright future due to the increasing demand, speed, transparency, and low-cost transactions.

If you ignore the claims of Platincoin for a few moments, but you cannot ignore the incredible rise in the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum in the last few years. Are not Bitcoin and Ethereum have abnormal profits?

The author of the liveminutes-DOT-com review should have practiced before writing that it was not possible to guess the skyrocketing prices of bitcoin and Ethereum a few years ago, but it has happened and is a fact. So why can't this happen with Platincoin on the same mathematical principles? If Platincoin Company talks about the rise in the prices of their coins in the coming few years, how did this profit is abnormal?

If the author of the liveminutes-DOT-com review had figured out the stable growth of Platincoin before making absurd and ignorant allegations, it could have probably better for him. In the next stage of this article, he keeps continuing to make such absurd and factless allegations.

In this article of liveminutes-DOT-com review, the author next charges that, Platincoin Apps is a fraud. Are these apps fraud really?

Review of MLM Reviews: Is Platin Coin REALLY a Scam?
Screen-shot was taken from liveminutes-DOT-com

Another factless claim and allegation. Platincoin Google Play App is a SCAM !!

It would have been better if the author of the liveminutes-DOT-com review knew the truth before making this allegation. According to Google Play Policy Center, Financial Services, Gambling, Applications for Illegal Activities fall under Restricted Contents.

Review of MLM Reviews: Is Platin Coin REALLY a Scam?
Image source:

If the Google Play app of Platincoin is a scam, then Google would have already removed it under its policy. But this has not happened.

Is Etherconnect (ECC) a game-changer cryptocurrency?

This application has a 4.8 rating on the Play Store, which is considered to be much better. In total 1233 user reviews, there are only 15 comments with a 1-Star rating, out of which 14 comments related to technical errors and only 1 comment blaming that this application is a fraud. The reality, this author's saying that this app is fraud proves to be 100% wrong.

Review of MLM Reviews: Is Platin Coin REALLY a Scam?
Screen-shot was taken from liveminutes-DOT-com

As written in the red-underlined paragraphs, users can be connected to Platincoin Technology (blockchain technology in reality) through these apps, and get bonuses and passive income, which is 100% true.

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The author of the article of liveminutes-DOT-com review has finally accepted that passive income can be achieved only by connecting blockchain technology to smartphones. But the author of this article tried to present this thing in a very negative way, in which he was completely unsuccessful.

The claim of passive income being made by Platincoin has been confirmed in an article written on 18 March 2020 by a reputed website (domain rating 73). Click here for more information.

How to Make Money from Online Trading

The article written on Coinspeaker said that PLATINCOIN is actively developing its technology. In addition to the listing on Bithumb Global (the famous Asian cryptocurrency exchange), a commercial partnership agreement between PLC Group AG and Swedish terminal manufacturing company Cyclebit was signed in April 2019, according to this agreement the terminal will be built at 200,000 retail outlets, where customers can use Platincoin as a currency.

In more than 200,000 shops, you can shop by paying Platincoin. According to me, the platincoin can become a universal currency in the near future. So how appropriate is it to call it fraud?

But the author of the liveminutes-DOT-com review is calling this system fraud in even 2020, which raises doubts about their authenticity.

Review of MLM Reviews: Is Platin Coin REALLY a Scam?
Screen-shot was taken from liveminutes-DOT-com

Even at the end of the article, the author of this review is not willing to accept the facts. Without any evidence and facts, how can he call Platincoin a scam?

In the screenshot above, it has been written that this company does not give you returns. Let's see the truth of this claim ...

I have obtained authorized information about this by sending an email to the company. In the email I asked the company, can I withdraw the Platincoins when I require it, which already stored on PLC Farm?

In just 22 minutes after my email, I got a reply that yes, I can definitely withdraw Platincoin from PLC Farm. In this email support team also guide me on how to withdraw Platincoin into my PLC Wallet, See the screenshot of the email.

How to Make Money from Online Trading

Review of MLM Reviews: Is Platin Coin REALLY a Scam?

According to the PLC team's response, you can transfer the platincoin to PLC Wallet whenever you want. To understand the procedure, see the screenshot below.

Review of MLM Reviews: Is Platin Coin REALLY a Scam?

Now the claims made by the author of the liveminutes-DOT-com review can have any facts? Platincoin gives you the returns of your investment in the form of Coins. Which you can transfer to Main Wallet whenever you want and sell it on exchanges. However, when the Platincoins has withdrawn from the PLC farm, the minting will stop for 30 days.

In this regard, I sent another email to the company and asked whether Platincoins Company can buy back its coins from me? The company showed its inability to buy Coins and asked me to sell it on crypto exchanges. Whatever is open-ended. Even in this, I do not see any fraud. See this screenshot. But another lie of the writer who wrote the liveminutes-DOT-com review was caught.

Review of MLM Reviews: Is Platin Coin REALLY a Scam?
Screen-shot was taken from liveminutes-DOT-com

Now come to the conclusion of liveminutes-DOT-com review...

Why would a liveminutes-DOT-com review have made an incomplete attempt to prove platincoin fraud and scam without revealing a single fact?

What could be the ultimate purpose of writing a negative review by the author of liveminutes-DOT-com review?

Review of MLM Reviews: Is Platin Coin REALLY a Scam?
Screen-shot was taken from liveminutes-DOT-com

In this article, finally, the author himself is writing that Platincoin is a scam and he has an interest in giving information about any other cryptocurrency, which according to this author is a legitimate cryptocurrency.

Before reading a review like liveminutes-DOT-com, make sure to check the facts given before making your wrong thinking about the Platincoin, and in this article, read the words written by the author in the last paragraph (red underlined above). You will understand the whole game of writing lies and facts.


This website is also presenting Platincoin without any facts. All the allegations have made in this review are either lies or no proof of that. Let us know about this article-

Review of MLM Reviews: Is Platin Coin REALLY a Scam?
Screen-shot was taken from realmlm-DOT-reviews

In this article, realmlm-DOT-reviews writes that the platincoin is not on blockchain technology and it means that there is no such thing as Platincoin in this world. It is very interesting, isn't it?

Platincoin has its own hybrid blockchain technology. You can explore blocks by going to This means the existence of a platincoin in this world ...! But this writer does not think about anything while writing.

This hybrid blockchain is made with the best technology in the world. This blockchain performs transactions at a much faster pace than bitcoin and the transaction charges are minimal. But in which world is this writer is living?

All transactions through Minting or purchasing through the POS machine are recorded on the blockchain.

That is why the Platincoin AG company launched its own satellite so that the communication system could be the world's fastest.

If you want to know more about Platincoin Blockchain Technology, click here

The screenshot above also alleges that Platincoin is not a currency… If the allegations are true then how the world's largest e-commerce companies Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Alibaba, Taobao, and Shopify accept Platincoin as a currency? Yes, it is true, you are able to do shopping by paying platincoin.

An article published on the world-famous website (Domain score 72), says that if you have a platincoin, you can buy gadgets, electronics products, etc on e-commerce websites like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Alibaba, Taobao, and Shopify. See the screenshot given below-

Review of MLM Reviews: Is Platin Coin REALLY a Scam?

Just before buying these items on, you have to become a registered user of Click here for more information. uses only three stable currencies to buy your favorite products from the above e-commerce companies, in which the Platincoin is one. Those who say that Platincoin is not currency, this is the strong slap on their face?

Further allegations have been made in the article of realmlm-DOT-reviews that Platincoin is not mined. As we have discussed earlier, Platincoin Blockchain uses the latest technology. Where Bitcoin, Ethereum is using mining, but Platincoin uses the minting process.

Many types of side effects of mining have come to light. For example, high-cost hardware setup, expensive electricity bills, health issues resulting from it, and a negative impact on the environment. 

On the contrary, you can do minting with a smartphone. There is also no negative impact of minting like mining. There are manifold benefits from minting. 

Therefore, nothing is visible in the allegations made in the article of realmlm-DOT-reviews.

Review of MLM Reviews: Is Platin Coin REALLY a Scam?
Screen-shot was taken from realmlm-DOT-reviews

This article from realmlm-DOT-reviews makes a further allegation that Alex Reinhardt, the founder of Platincoin, was behind the Swiss Coin scam. But at the time of blaming, he has no proof and he accepted it. As far as I feel it is wrong to make such allegations without any proof. But the author of this article has made a big false.

Those who make such allegations often forget that Platincoin has been running uninterrupted since 2016. Alex Reinhardt is considered to be the world's top-10 cryptocurrency influencer today.

This can be confirmed by checking this link The Entrepreneur is considered one of the world's largest and well-known magazines and websites (domain rating 92).  Click this link to learn more about the Entrepreneur.

The most exciting thing is that in this list of the world's most renowned crypto experts, world-famous celebrities like Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, Telegram app creator Pavel Durov, Binance founder Changpen Zhao, Coinbase founder Brian Armstrong Are included.

This is definitely worthy of pride for the Platincoin family. However, blogs like realmlm-DOT-reviews are merely throwing mud to gain little popularity.

As far as my thinking, the problems of websites like realmlm-DOT-reviews or liveminutes-DOT-com are not platincoin or cryptocurrencies. They have problems with the MLM system but want to run their own blog on the strength of MLM. I am saying this with a claim.

I ask you a question. Do you have a positive attitude towards network marketing? If not then you are wasting your time by reading this article…

But if you have a positive attitude towards network marketing, then websites like realmlm-DOT-reviews only serve to spread negativity.

Now see the website on which the review of Platincoin has been written, the review of Amway Business has also been written on the same website. See the screenshot below.

Review of MLM Reviews: Is Platin Coin REALLY a Scam?
Screen-shot was taken from realmlm-DOT-reviews

Think about the mindset of those who write such reviews. is this not a negative mentality?

I am surprised to see such a mentality.

That is why you have to think how much importance is given to such reviews. If you want to achieve something in your life, then avoid such people.

Do you still believe that Platincoin or its founder Alex Reinhardt is a scam?

Let us know about the CHAIN-2020 event. The event took place in Hong Kong on 15 January 2020. The objective of this event was to spread awareness and train people about Blockchain Technology, Future of Money, Future of FinTech, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data.

More than 35 technology-related celebrities from all over the world were involved in this event as speakers and guides. And more than 12000 people came from all over the world to listen to him.

Some of the names included in these 35 world-famous crypto experts are-

Jim Rogers

World-renowned and investor, Who is always featured in The Time, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Barron's, Forbes, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, The Business Times, The Straits Times.

David Hanson

Founder and Chairman of Hanson Robotics. It is the same company that has created the world's most talented robot Sophia.

Dinis Guarda

World's renowned blockchain expert, the influential personality of artificial intelligence.

Malik Kotadia

FinTech Expert, former Citibank Vice President (Global Digital Transformation)

Dr. Colin Lee

Chairman BIAA, 

Blockchain Industry Analyst Association. 

Andrey Chmora

R&D in Cryptography, Ex Principal Researcher at Huawei Technologies

Alex Reinhardt

Founder of Platincoin

Good and bad things can exist in every system. I do not claim that Platincoin is a perfect system at all.

Platincoin has not yet fully proven itself.

The withdrawal system of Platincoin is not fully implemented. There are many things that raise a question mark on the functioning of the founders. It may take more time for your money to return out of this system.

Because of its MLM model, leaders can get you to join by lying or showing greed. My advice is that, before joining, understand the whole system completely, then join only if the voice comes from your conscience. Otherwise don't.

The purpose of this article is to advise that, it is wrong to believe that all the information given on Google will always be correct. So get the facts first!

Base your views on facts and evidence. Not at the behest of anyone!

official website of Platincoin:

Tell me how to generate passive income

If you need more information about Alex Reinhardt and Platincoin, or you need more evidence of lies spread by someone, feel free to contact us on the numbers 8766522834 (Whatsapp or Telegram only)

We appreciate your honest comments & views about this review. Awaiting for your comments.

Disclaimer: Investment in virtual currency/cryptocurrency can be risky. would not take any responsibility for any monetary losses that occurred due to this article. Join on your own responsibility.

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  1. Its normal to win and lose when investing. But its heart breaking when you know you have been cheated. I was caught up in a scam with a scam broker last year that cost me BTC. This guys came up with a fake story of being hacked when it was actually an insider affair. Luckily i was able to track and recover my funds thanks to fightingscams at AOL dot com. I strongly recommend them to other victims going thru similar situations. Together we can uncover the truth and save millions of other people.

  2. Price of PLC may be rise upto 1000$ but the fact is that people can't sell PLC.


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