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MLM Reviews: Is Platincoin a Scam?

Platincoin scam or not?


Platincoin review

Platincoin is a cryptocurrency that is promoted through the MLM business model.

Platincoin Founder Mr. Alex Reinhardt is claimed to have launched PLC AG Group from Germany. Alex Reinhardt has a very good reach in the crypto world and he has also become quite popular over the years.

Due to the MLM profile of this company (?), more effort is made to make Alex Reinhardt a brand or icon in the PLC business. An attempt is made to show how intelligent a personality Alex Reinhardt is!

Let us understand what the cryptocurrency Platincoin (that was created by this so-called intelligent person) has been able to do in the last five years...?

Before joining Platincoin (PLC) or PLCU, first, know the answers to these questions-

Question 1: Is Platincoin Really a Better Cryptocurrency?

Although PLC MLM Leaders always tell about the 20 types of technology products related to Platincoin...! But what is the percentage of its profit to the investors involved in the last five years?

According to our research, people investing in Platincoin are only waiting for the increase in the prices of this coin in the future.

Those who invested in the last 4 years ago did not get anything in their hands even today. Neither the prices of Platincoin have increased, nor they have been able to sell their Platincoin in the market (from the purchased rates).

In the long wait of 3 - 4 years, these investors are just waiting, how long will Platincoin rate 10 Euro? 

The fact is, all investors have bought Platincoin for 5 Euros. But selling for 5 Euro+ is not possible even after five years.

Despite this, Platincoin is the oldest company in the cryptocurrency market to be promoted through the MLM model, but the investors never got a single Penny on their investment...!

The estimate was that the company would come a long way in 4 years. But this did not happen.

The reason for running this company in the market is only and only the motivation given by its MLM leaders.

If investors can not get the value of Platincoin bought by them at the rates said by the company, then how can any person call it a better cryptocurrency?

Question 2: Does Platincoin Really Give Passive Income?

Some claims are definitely made in this regard, such as if you keep Platincoin on the PLC farm, then you are given 30% growth.

But this 30% growth is given on your coins. You get the benefit of this growth in the form of increasing your coins and not on the returns of your investment. But no one will tell you this truth.

Some cryptocurrency websites claim that Platincoin giving an abnormal profit to its investors. Which are totally wrong. All these are paid articles.

Because until you will not be able to get a profit in cash, then this claim will have to be called hollow.

The reality is that, in the last few years, the rate of Platincoin has not increased. You do not get the rates claimed by the company on the crypto exchanges. This means that you bought Platincoin at higher prices than its actual rates. When buying a package, you have to pay 5 euros per coin.

It is told by the company's MLM promoters that they are selling Technology!

Let's admit it for a while...!

The company sold you a PLC farm, which mints your Platincoin with a growth of 30% per annum.

You bought the Platincoin at the rate of 5 Euro. After Minting for three years, you will sell PLC in the open market for 1 Euro or 2 Euro (Rs. 50 to Rs. 150)... Calculate yourself, what would the investors have got in the last 3 - 4 years?

Therefore, the talk about Passive Income or Abnormal Profit from Platincoin proves to be completely false.

Question 3: Is Platincoin a Stable Currency?

If Platincoin is a stable currency, why does it have different rates on every exchange? The company says that its rate is 5 Euro (Rs 435 per coin) but there are many exchanges where you buy Platincoin only between Rs 50 to 100. So how can this be a stable coin?

Platincoin is shown as a stable cryptocurrency only on, according to the information I have received. On this exchange, you can only sell a maximum of 20 PLC per account per month. And have to wait for 4-6 months.

This simply means that Platincoin rates are forcibly imposed on this exchange. So it may not be a stable currency at all.

No cryptocurrency should be stable. The sentiments of the community are reflected in the cryptocurrency trades on the exchanges. The growth of any cryptocurrency has to be completely organic. But calling Platincoin a stable currency only means that its growth is not organic at all.

Therefore Platincoin was previously traded on many exchanges. Right now it is traded only on three exchanges.

The surprising thing is, on Coinsbit Exchange ( where Platincoin has been propagandized as a stable currency for up to 5 years, the "Stable Currency" section on this exchange does not even have the name of Platincoin today!

In the last year, there was a PLC-Euro trading pair on Coinsbit. Right now this pair has zero trading volume. Currently showing PLC/USDT pair. In the last 24 hours, 1800 PLCs are seen to have been withdrawn at the rate of 5.54 USDT. For how many months these people must have waited for this withdrawal. 

Now let's talk about PLC / PLCU pair on Coinsbit.

Stable Coin Platincoin was sold to the public for 5 Euro... On the same exchange, 1 PLCU is being sold for 27,097 Platincoin. That is, 1 Platincoin is being sold for $1.73.

There are many such facts that prove that the claim of Platincoin being a stable currency was completely false. It seems that now even Alex Reinhardt does not consider it stable currency...! 😎😎😎

Question 4: Do your investments in Platincoin get dumped?

Many people have asked me this question. To which the answer is 'yes' in my view. Because, you pay here in cash (Bitcoin or Euro), in return for which you only get Platincoin and that too freezes for the next 3 years. 

The meaning is straightforward! You are buying a coin by paying cash (Bitcoin or Euro) that you cannot sell at the company's committed rates or can't pay for any utility. Then your investment will definitely be dumped!

Question 5: Is Platincoin Decentralized?

This is an important question. All the cryptocurrencies that are giving good returns to their community are decentralized. The growth of Decentralized Cryptocurrency is completely organic and there is complete transparency in such projects.

But Platincoin is not decentralized at all. It is run entirely by someone (Alex Reinhardt). I can explain this thing with an example.

Platincoin deposits and withdrawals were closed from all exchanges for a few months in the last year (2021). Ever since this decision was taken, there was a slight jump in the rates of Platincoin on all exchanges. 

When the community cannot deposit Platincoin on exchanges like or etc. Who is selling and who is buying there? No one even knows the answer to this. 

When these questions were asked to some of the alleged smart promoters, according to them, these steps were taken to increase the rates of Platincoin. Since then till the time of writing this article, the rates of Platincoin have only decreased, not increased...!

That is why I believe that Platincoin was sold by the company, by stopping the supply from the community. For this reason, doubts are increasing. 

The company that takes bitcoin and euro in exchange for packages bought by the community. PLC does not take its own coin for joining. These are absolutely true. In the packages purchased by Platincoin, the company neither gave you blockchain places nor didn't give Platincoin, nor donation points....!

Only PLC Farm was available in packages purchased by Platincoin. Sometimes it was not allowed to buy any kind of packages from Platincoin.

At times similar doubt-raising decisions are taken by the company. Believe me, this is the only company that takes bitcoin or euro but does not take its own coin. Means you are being given garbage by taking gold.

I believe that you buy Platincoin at 3 times higher price. The reason behind it is the MLM system. This means that your money has been dumped in Platincoin. Because of this, it may take years to recover the amount invested by you, or you lose your money. 

Question 6: What are the truths of Platincoin Block-places?

Block-places are said to be a very popular concept in the Platincoin business. By which you are also claimed to get the ownership of the block on the Platincoin blockchain. It is compared with the mining process of bitcoin. But this is not the truth.

You are not the owner of any block-place here. Rather, the transaction charges on the blockchain are distributed equally among the block-place owners.

Block-places are being introduced quite exaggeratedly. No one can definitely claim about this earning. But still, if someone claims about getting 15 to 25 platincoin earnings per month, then there is no fact in those claims, it should be understood. 

Actually, it is just like, there are many types of company royalties in any MLM business plan. For example, "divided by all qualifiers by taking out some percentage of company turnover". It is exactly like this, apart from this it has no significance.

If these block-places were sold by the company in a limited form, then probably this question would not have arisen. But no one is aware of the number of these block places.

According to the information given by some people, its number in the Zoom Meeting is told in a few thousand and the company owners themselves tell its number in a few lakhs (half million). 

The deadline for buying block places was also increased continuously over the last one and half years.

The higher the number of blocks sold by the company, the more the per capita earning from it is decreasing, which is much less than the estimated earnings by the company.

Although I believe that no such block places can be sold.

Question 7: Could the platincoin rate be 1000 euros in 2022?

As far as I know, there is absolutely no chance of this happening. This is not likely to happen even in the coming 10 years. The founder of the company and his team working on developing the technology. But the ground reality is a bit different. All technology made by PLC Team is proven scrap till now.

In January 2020, the rates of Platincoin had reached 63 $, which immediately fell again to around 2.5 $. Such a drop shows that the company owner and top MLM leaders sold their coins in large numbers. That is, these people have booked their profits. What is left now is Platincoin's skeleton! 

The infrastructure of the company is not fully formed yet. The MLM team leaders themselves do not even know about what has been made. There is technology but there is a lack of education. Here is one reason why this system has to go a long way. Therefore, in the near term, there is no possibility of its rate being 1000 euros and even 10 euros away. 

You too try to get answers to these questions. Until these answers are received, nothing can be said about the future of Platincoin.


Platincoin is just a Ponzi scheme. Its technology is just a sham and the ultimate aim is only to run a Ponzi scheme. To date, all the announcements and plans made by Alex, the founder of Platincoin, have proved to be false.

All the efforts made to boost the rates of Platincoin in the last five years were not successful. As much as I know Alex, all his efforts are just sham. He plays with the feelings and money of his own community.

Keep yourself away from this business and share this article as much as possible to keep others away.

If you need more information about Alex Reinhardt and Platincoin, or you need more evidence of lies spread by Platincoin MLM Promoters or Company, feel free to contact us on the number 8830263380  (Whatsapp or Telegram only)

We appreciate your honest comments & views about this review. Awaiting your comments.

Disclaimer: Investment in virtual currency/cryptocurrency can be risky. would not take any responsibility for any monetary losses that occurred due to this article. Join on your own responsibility.

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  2. Price of PLC may be rise upto 1000$ but the fact is that people can't sell PLC.

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