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How to get passive income from online trading?

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Friends, SM Globals is emerging as one of the best MLM Opportunities of today. For the past several years, I was in search of a business in which I was looking for a stable company profile with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to end-user, and a business plan that gives tremendous income. Working with SM Globals, I think this search is over now.

In the 22 years of my network marketing career, there have been very few opportunities to get a better company profile, better products, and better business plan together. One of which is SM Globals.

SM Globals Company Profile 

SM Globals Review: Best MLM Plan ever?

SM Globals Inc. is an Indian multinational company. Which started from the Sangli district of Maharashtra; ut today this company is running its work in many countries. 

This company works in the field of Online Trading. The company was started in 2002. In the first few years, the company started its work in the products-based MLM. 

Gradually the company started expanding and has started business in Online Trading since last 3 years. The company is licensed in the United Kingdom (UK). 

The company's marketing office is in the Sangli district of Maharashtra.

Today the company has its own registered broking house named Trade More FX based in Dubai. This company does not trade through any other broker. 

A lot of hard work is being taken by the company to achieve big goals in life. The company started its career from zero, today this company is working to fulfill the dreams of thousands of people. 

On the path of transparency and truthfulness, this company is constantly striving to move towards the greatest success. 

Yes, it is 100% true. The transparency of this concept is its biggest feature, which you will learn later in this article. 

Truth be told, in the last 33 months, not a single pay-out by the company has been delayed for a single day; And the special thing is that to date I have not found a single negative review about the company anywhere. 

Whereas many companies facing big trouble due to Coronavirus and lock-down. The economies of many countries also weakened, but SM Globals did it successfully. This company has breathed new life into the lives of many people who have been hit by COVID-19. This is the reason friends, many people are going with this company today.

SM Global Concept

As you already know, in the previous time, many companies came into the market in the name of online trading and ended before they even knew about it. The main reason for this was that these companies were running in the name of online trading, but earning profit from the trading market is not child's play!

Online Trading Market Market is like an ocean. All over the world international banks (JP Morgan, HSBC, City Bank), MNCs are trading in this market. For this reason, the daily trading volume of this market over the world is $ 6.6 billion, which is considered very large liquidity. This is such a huge amount, friends, the economies of hundreds of countries of the world are not even that much.

If you have the potential then you achieve a lot from this market. And the way to achieve this potential is to keep learning! Your experience is what makes you worthy. 

This is the reason why the company takes trading-related services from 4 fund managers. These fund managers can trade in thousands of accounts at a time through automated software. 

These fund managers trade here based on their experience and help you increase your profits. That is why even if you do not know about online or any other trading, you can get passive income from this market through SM Global.

How it works?

You can start profiting from the world of online trading by purchasing one of the packages listed below. 






5% to 7%



6% to 9%



7% to 10%



8% to 11%



9% to 12%



10% to 14%



13% to 16%



15% to 18%



18% to 20%

After purchasing the package you will get a back-office account and trading account on Meta Trader 5 application. In which a user id and password will be included.

After setting up your mobile application account, you can see the amount according to your package in your trading account. This means the entire amount of the package purchased by you will deposit into your own trading account.

This is the difference between any other company and SM Global! Because this company keeps the entire amount of the package in the trading account and only the efficient fund managers of the company do trading in your account. 

SM Globals Review: Best MLM Plan ever?

SM Globals Review: Best MLM Plan ever?

As per many experts The company trades in a very safe way. If online trading is done in the right way then it is easy to get profit from it.

Many traders who have been in this system for more than 3 years say that only 20% of your package amount is used by the company for trading purposes. This simply means that most of your money is safe here. Which reduces your risk. 

Other companies distribute the commission of network marketing (MLM) business plan from the principal amount of your package and trade with the remaining amount or just claim to be trading. 

But you can see online orders or trade every day in your trading account with SM Global. In the Meta Trader 5 mobile application, you can see all trades done by the fund managers of the company. (Refer to above-given screenshots)

In these App, you can see trades with profit as well as losses. This is purely trading. If anyone claims that there will be only profit here, then this thing is wrong.

But the professional expert fund managers, reduce the probability of losses on the basis of their experience and study. They bring a profit to you skillfully. Trading is the same but the method is completely different. 

Your profits are also auto-withdrawal. The company sends a profit amount directly to your account. The minimum payout is $10. The distribution of profits is according to the cycle given below.

If you buy the package between 1st to 10th of the month then the company trade for the full 30 days in your account and your profit will keep coming in your account on 15th of next month. .

If you buy the package between the 11th to 20th of the month then the company trade for the full 30 days in your account and your profit will keep coming in your account on 25th of next month. 

If you buy the package between the 21st to 30th of the month then the company trade for the full 30 days in your account and your profit keep coming in your account on the 5th of the second month. 

You will get 80% of the profit and the company will keep 20% for itself. Whatever profit you get every month, the company transfers you directly to the bank account on your fixed date. 

Within few months you can get a 200% profit on your package price. Thereafter the company keeps the amount of the package with itself. This is the profit of the company. 

The commission of the MLM business plan is distributed by the company out of the above said 20% profit sharing and some part of the brokerage.

As far as my opinion, this business plan is very good as compared to other Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes and investment (ROI) plans. According to the company, the 200% profit they give is actually generated from trading and the network marketing incentives also do not distribute from the amount of the package you buy!

Your package amount is safe in your own trading account until you get 200% profit.

This must have been the reason that, till date, not a single payout has ever been stopped or delayed by the company. This is amazing business guys!

If everything is right according to the roadmap prepared by the company then this business will change your life completely!

99.9% of companies emerge as scams because network marketing companies do not have the means to make real money. But the model made by SM Global is a completely based on facts.So who would want to lose such an opportunity?

What is Online Trading?

SM Globals Review: Best MLM Plan ever?

Online trading is equity or commodity trading. Just like in share trading, we trade through NSE, BSE exchanges, in the same way we can transact in cryptocurrency or currencies on other exchanges.

The online trading market is the largest and most liquid trading market in the world. Transactions through this market can be possible 24 hours a day. 

Many people have made their career through online trading and today they are earning from thousands of dollars to million dollars.

5% of people who make profit from online trading do this work in a different way and with different thinking. Trading is also a full time business, which if done professionally can definitely become a career opportunity for you.

Professionals in this category are called "Institutional Traders". Here people are market makers, and only make profit from the market. 

High quality training and support is required to do online trading professionally. Even if you do not have knowledge of online trading, you can still get passive income from the platform of SM Globals. Because here the work of "Institutional Trader" is done by SM Globals. That is why you can get a lot of ease in getting profit here. 

Is everyone can make profits from online trading?

No! Whether trading is traditional or online, where there is profit, there is equal scope for loss. The number of losers in online trading is 95%.

Such people are called "retail traders". There can be many other reasons for being in loss in online trading. In which the main reason is lack of the knowledge!

People in the "retail trader" category try to gain knowledge of online trading through Google searches or YouTube videos. You definitely get to learn, but it is not enough to become a professional trader.

For this reason common people like you and us like to stay away from such business. We believe in what  has heard from someone's personal experience. For this reason, we cannot take advantage of the biggest market in the world. 

If you want to take advantage of this market to earn passive income, then no any other reliable platform is available for you other than SM Globals.

We can become masters in some businesses; But we cannot become masters of every field. That is why if you want to get passive income from online trading then SM Globals is the only and best platform. 

SM Global Review: Best MLM Plan ever?

Business Plan 

Friends, the MLM business plan of SM Global is also excellent. With the dreams that you have chosen network marketing as a career, through this business plan all your dreams are going to be fulfilled soon. 

If someone asked me this question, why did I choose SM Global?

The answers are quite simple...

Its duplication power is tremendous. I believe that due to the the transparency of this business, your business reaches a big level in a short time.... 


Let's know. Whenever you refer a person, even if it is with a package of minimum $100, he is provided with an account in Meta Trader 5 by the company...!

When that person sees increasing profit daily in their Meta Trader 5 account, then you do not need to take much trouble to motivate that person. 

Here he keeps getting motivation every day.

Keep this in mind... Only a large and smooth  duplication can get you a lot of money. You cannot earn money in any business plan in which you have to work hard for duplication. 

Your duplication in SM Global business happens at such a fast pace that, in a few days your team becomes hundreds of people and in a short time you can earn big money.

So if you want to fulfill your dreams by earning more money from MLM then join SM Global Business now. 

The complete business plan is explained to you in the video below. You watch this video 2 to 3 times. Your eyes will be opened. 

Call me for more details: 8668376362

SM global is a real money-making model. SM global trade in online markets on Mobile Application platforms and gives your good profit with high transparency! 

Join SM GLOBAL today and earn passive income with big income potential. You can start with $100 only.

Earn 40 level commission, No time limit Rewards from Tab to Bungalow, and Royalty income up to unlimited levels.


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Disclaimer: Online Trading can be a challenging and potentially profitable opportunity for investors. However, before deciding to participate in the trading market, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. Most importantly, do not invest money you cannot afford to lose.

The purpose of this article is to provide information only. So before joining, take complete information. If there is any kind of financial loss occurs through this article, then it will be your own responsibility. This website is not liable for any financial losses.
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