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PLC Ultima (PLCU): Scam or Legit?


PLCU is not the second project of Alex Reinhardt but the fourth...!

Scam Alert: PLC Ultima (PLCU)

You must be surprised to see the heading of this article. PLC Ultima is the second but not the fourth project brought to the market by Alex Reinhardt, PLCU is the unrealistic fantasy in the crypto world of India!

इस आर्टिकल को हिंदी में पढ़ें...!

The question, then, is quite natural, what would have happened with the former 3 projects and their investors?

In the first three projects, investors have either lost their money or their money is stuck... that's the truth!

So what will happen with investors in PLC Ultima? Either they will lose their money or their money will be stuck just like the first three projects?

Let's try to find the answers to the above questions in this article...!

Why are the rates of PLC Ultima increasing so fast?

The charts available on the exchanges of PLC Ultima show that, this coin has started trading on 16th December 2021. Prior data is not available on any exchange.

While this project is being said to start in 2016. Platincoin was started by Alex Reinhardt at the end of the year 2016. In which investors have been stuck since then. Platincoin rates also rose to $63. But later the rates of Platincoin had collapsed. Even after the last several years, its rates have not been able to grow even to date.

Because the growth of rates to any cryptocurrency is must organic and natural ways. Only then do those rates keep on increasing. 

Rates of PLC Ultima have skyrocketed in just 4 months. Such an increase in rates looks absolutely ridiculous and childish. Even those who do not have a lot of knowledge of cryptocurrency cannot believe this.

It is absolutely true that the rate hike on PLC Ultima is not natural at all. Its rates are being increased by artificial means by pumping.

This type of model has been already run by Alex Reinhardt at Platincoin before. Even in the Platincoin business, thousands of people have bought PLC at 3 times higher prices.

Selling coins at high prices and then keeping investors hanging for 4-5 years is an old style of Alex Reinhardt. If investors raise any questions about not knowing the returns of their money, then by giving examples of companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple, they try to embrace the investors of how it took many years for these companies to become giant companies.

He keeps his community entangled in the false web of new technology in such a way that for 3-4 years you will keep waiting and you will not even know that scam has happened to you...! Then if negativity is seen spreading in the community, then Alex will come into the market with another new business.

Sometimes Platin Hero, sometimes Platindeal, sometimes a new business plan, sometimes a lucky draw, sometimes a Dubai tour, and sometimes you will be engrossed in the glare of world convention in a 7-star hotel ...!

When all these gimmicks are over, a new coin will come, with a new business plan! Together with the greed of recognition ranging from Diamond to Double Triple Platin Diamond...!

Let's know the truth of the rates running in the thousands of dollars of PLCU!

In December 2021, this coin starts at only $1, and by mid-April 2022 its value crossed $90,000. 90 thousand fold jump in the span of just 4 months...! To date, this has not been possible for any cryptocurrency in the world and will never happen...!

Let us now understand the truth behind this. First of all, PLCU started trading with 1$  this claim is absolutely wrong. Its first trade took place on December 7, 2021, at $ 4667. The first PLCU listing took place on Coinsbit Exchange and its proof is given below.

Scam Alert: PLC Ultima (PLCU)

You can also see this in the charts on this exchange.

The first lie is proved that PLCU did not list on $1. Wait now...! More lies are about to be exposed.

Also, take a look at the track record of the PLCU on

Scam Alert: PLC Ultima (PLCU)

The PLCU is ranked 2913 by coinmarketcap. That is, despite the number of PLCU being behind 2913 compared to bitcoin, its rates are $ 89000. Two times more than bitcoin...! Isn't it funny?

It also means that 2912 cryptocurrency coins are performing better than PLCU. I can say with certainty that, even these 2912 cryptocurrencies would not have grown that much in the first 4 months.

PLCU promoters will answer that, this is a new coin. Gradually it will reach the number one rank and will even overtake bitcoin. How? No one knows. It is only on this false motivation that its promoters are kept alive in business and investors are attracted. 

Although technically seen, crypto coins like Platincoin or PLCU are only a means of money circulation. These types of cryptocurrencies are based on unrealistic fantasies, which are far beyond reality.

...If PLCU is such a better, why are the important details hidden?

Whether it is Platincoin or PLCU, a lot of information about it has been hidden. The information of the holders has been hidden on Coinmarketcap, so that question marks can be raised if such a coin is genuine.

Scam Alert: PLC Ultima (PLCU)

Investors and promoters waiting for PLC to overtake bitcoin should understand, why bitcoin is the mother cryptocurrency? In which the main reason is its transparency which is not at all in PLC or PLCU.

Scam Alert: PLC Ultima (PLCU)

The information of the Holders is important from the perspective of transparency. Through this section, the number of Holders of any cryptocurrency coin (or token) and the number of coins held are known! Its community can be estimated from both numbers. The more transparency there is, the more trust will increase.

Holders' data is necessary to be raised here because the rates of Platincoin went up to $63 in the year 2019 and within a few days these rates crashed and went down to $2 or less. It has been proven that someone has booked profit! Perhaps if the data of the Holders had been there, then its apprehensions could have been converted into confirmation.


तो क्या PLC Ultima के साथ भी यही हो सकता हैं? मुझे बहोत ज्यादा आशंका हैं... Platincoin की हिस्ट्री रिपीट होगी, और PLCU का अंत भी Platincoin जैसा ही होगा.

...So was PLC project really built to improve Platincoin?

Alex Reinhardt has claimed in many of his meetings that PLCU was created to make Platincoin better. Their promoters are also spreading the same thing to the people.

But is this claim true?

According to me, accepting this claim as true means diverting investors' focus from reality. There were fear in the mind of Alex and his promoter's team that the investors of Platincoin should hind the PLCU MLM business. That's why this claim is made by PLC founders.

If POLICY has been created to improve Platincoin, it simply means that the Platincoin project has failed completely. Alex and his promoter team accept it or not, no matter, but analysts like me have damn sure that the Platincoin is completely failed.

If the solution of Platincoin is PLCU, then what were the 2 projects before Platincoin, and what is the reason behind the failure of his previous projects? If the first 3 projects are considered failures, then it has to be considered that PLCU may also fail later. Can Alex assure his community about PLCU?

Let us understand all the projects created or promoted by Alex one by one.

Swiss Coin:

Scam Alert: PLC Ultima (PLCU)

There is no evidence of Alex being the founder of Swiss Coin but this cryptocurrency coin was promoted by Alex. This was the biggest cryptocurrency scam in Europe. You will find many facts on the Internet about Alex Reinhardt being its main promoter. 

Scam Alert: PLC Ultima (PLCU)

Swisscoin lasted only a few months in the market. After that this coin emerged as a big MLM scam. 

Swisscoin, Platincoin, and PLCU have many similarities. This coin continued to be distributed only in the community till the artificial jump in prices and not it's real trading.

The claim that Platincoin started with 0.1 Euro was similarly false. Similar false growth is also visible of PLCU.

ELVN Messanger:

Platincoin founder Alex Reinhardt launched a social media platform named ELVN Messanger by making fake promises. Today this project is completely finished. 

Scam Alert: PLC Ultima (PLCU)

However, I have got many feedbacks about the money of several Indian investors getting stuck in the project. But its information is not available for sure. If anyone has any concrete information, then please write it in the comment box.

The promise of earning money using the ELVN Messanger application was said by Alex Reinhardt in publicity done in August 2019. But today this app is also not available on the Play Store. In a way, this project is also one of the many unsuccessful projects made by Alex. 

So do you still think PLCU is safe for investors? I don't think so at all. 


In the name of the stable cryptocurrency, Platincoin is being sold 3 times higher prices than the original price, for the last 5 years. Many projects like Platinhero or Platindeal have completely failed to increase the price of Platincoin. Many investors' money has been stuck in Platincoin for the last 5 years. 

Let's check the last 4-year performance of Platincoin.

लसी अल्टिमा (PLCU): ज्वाइन करने से पहले इसे पढ़ें!

The source of the graph given above is based on the information from Coinmarketcap. Please check the below-given screenshot.

लसी अल्टिमा (PLCU): ज्वाइन करने से पहले इसे पढ़ें!

To know the reality of Platincoin in detail read our article MLM Reviews: Is Platincoin a Scam?

There is a list of many such projects that were launched by Alex, but all these projects have failed. 

So do you still believe that the PLCU will be successful? I don't believe it at all.


I agree that in the initial phase, some people will earn money from PLCU. But by showing the success story of 5% of the people, the money of thousands of people will be insisted to invest. Later, a new project will be brought in the name of withdrawing money for these people. This is what is called a pyramid scheme!

Again people will be motivated. Several methods will be used to attract investors. This series will continue... 

Friends, the growth of PLCU is not organic at all. There are many hidden truths that may take time to reach you. By then you will have lost your money. 

Any scam is presented in such a way that you do not identify it as a scam! Even today thousands of people are ready to sink their hard-earned money behind this person who brought so many failed projects. It was a big surprise for me.

My purpose behind writing this article is only to wake you up! After all, it's your choice...!

Jai Hind!

If you need more information about Alex Reinhardt and Platincoin, or you need more evidence of lies spread by someone, feel free to contact us on the number 8830263380  (WhatsApp or Telegram only)

We appreciate your honest comments & views about this review. Awaiting for your comments.
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