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Is Crowd1 Company a Scam?

Is Crowd1 Company a Scam?

Friends, right now a binary business named Crowd1 is going on in the MLM industry, about which hype being created in the market. I have tried to take a review of Crowd1 Business

First of all, let me tell you that these reviews are based on what Crowd1 Business Promoters are being told the information in the market. If anyone has any information other than this review, then comment and tell me.

The joining amount of Crowd1 is 99 Euros. This means the value in Indian rupees is being estimated at 8800. In lieu of this joining amount, you will get the ownership shares of the company, apart from this, the company provides you training guides on the topics of real estate, cryptocurrency trading, etc.

If you consider crowd1 from another angle, then it looks like an investment concept. It can be debated if it is authorized or not. Let us assume that the company does not have any products, but this company is claiming that this company is bringing revenue by investing in online gaming. The profit generated from the investment, being shared in the people (Members of the Company). It looks just like any investment company. And we better know the future of any investment MLM company.

Many people lose their money due to such companies and blame network marketing business bad for life. If you invest this money in a product business plan like Hibare's More Power, then your family or those who you will join in the E-Biotorium Business , give them the opportunity to earn money by following the right path with good health.

If you want passive income, then Hibare's More Power is also a best way. At least this company has strengthened its base to provide returns on investment and E-Biotorium Business Plan has made a very strong infrastructure with its digital products. But in Crowd1, only fake and unrealistic promises are being done.

The Crowd1 company promoters (MLM leaders) are also claiming that who do not sponsor 2 people, he will also get profit from the ownership (shares). On the other hand, the company claims that it is not selling any kind of shares and it is only a marketing company.

This company is making different claims all over the world. In many countries, its promoters (MLM leaders) are claiming to have more than double the passive income from joining the amount in 3 months after joining.

I definitely claim that more than 98% of the people joining Crowd1 do not know how they can double their money just by joining with Crowd1? Due to these fake claims, Crowd1 was banned in Namibia in February-2020, and countries including Burundi, Paraguay, the Philippines, and New Zealand have warned investors not to join it.

In South Africa too, the National Consumer Commission and the Financial Sector Conduct Authority have also received several complaints against the hollow claims made by Crowd1. Joseph Selolo, Head of Prosecution of the National Consumer Commission has said that Crowd1 is a pyramid scheme and should be charged with criminal charges to trick investors.

The investigation of Crowd 1 has been initiated by the Reserve Bank Prudential Authority of South Africa. The Reserve Bank of South Africa has said that Crowd1 has not been given a license to sell any type of financial products or financial services.

This is a very confusing situation. Only the company knows what is the truth or what is being hidden. But in such a dilemma, a business cannot be done properly.

Because of this, this company will remain as the only and only pyramid scheme, I can say this with confidence. 

Is Crowd1 Company a Scam?

Now it is your responsibility to think that what is being given to you in lieu of your joining amount, how much this is worth in lieu of the joining amount? Can the motivation is given to earn money be truly done?

It is clearly mentioned on the terms and conditions page of this company that this business cannot be a means of earning money. Why is it being made a way to mislead?

Is Crowd1 Company a Scam?

By the way, we Indians sell such things through network marketing is not new for us.

The Sleeping mattress of 90 thousand we have sold in rural India. Also, a 20 MB webspace, was sold in the countryside. We have sold plots in real estate through network marketing. There have been a lot of companies sold shares and insurance. 

Online education is a virtual product, it is considered an easy product to sell in MLM from the beginning of the binary plan, I am telling my previous experience, maybe you have also had this experience.

Let's go ahead.

A binary business plan has been given in it and capping has been given in many lakhs?

Now my experience has not been very good about binary plans. If some 2-4 companies are seen as an exception then how many binary companies have been operating for years? Just remember

If this number of the binary plan is seen only in India, then it can easily count in thousands. Binary plans are incomplete without repurchase. In the plan, repurchase or auto-ship (buying products compulsory every month), such companies are running in binary. Actually, this is the correct definition of binary.

In 'one-time' product purchasing, binary business plans end after some time. Because as per my calculations, then this product cannot run without repurchases.

Calculations of binary business plans are made according to the unlimited depth. In the initial phase when the number of joinings is high, then it goes well.

But when the flow of joining decreases, then it becomes difficult to give payouts. Because the payment becomes more in comparison to income. That's why trimming is applied. When binary companies apply to trim, the negativity starts to spread and that plan gradually collapses.

When the joining ratio of a business plan is low, then people start telling lies to get their money out. Which can make the market worse and your face value too.

I can see the Crowd1 business plan has a lot of limitations. Even today, it is spreading rapidly in the market. However, it will not last long. Only the top leaders will earn .... in the same way as always.

Many good bloggers have written better reviews and technical specifications about Crowd1. The link I am giving here. I was also impressed by these articles. And the desire to share my own experience on  Crowd1.

Friends, there is a very old MLM blog named Behind MLM. Read its review and comments. You will find responses given by the crowd1 joined people from all over the world. After that, your concept about this business plan will definitely be cleared.

Behind MLM Review

The affiliate doctor Review

Digital Business Review

As per me, such companies only run on money motivation. Not on self-inspiration. Such type of companies has no future. I do not see anything except money motivation in this.

So before joining, hear your inner voice. If there is a sound from inside, then join!

Friends, if you like this article then comment and share. It will inspire me to write more.

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