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MLM Scams Exposes and Big MLM Scams

The growing popularity of bitcoin or other virtual currency attracting the people and on the other hand many scam investment companies are emerging every day just like rainy frogs. Everyone keeps on proving how the benefits offered by their company are better.

However, the number of people caught in such breathtaking claims is very huge in the world. Everyone knows that such companies can be a scam, yet many people do not feel any difficulty in losing their hard-earned money in such companies.

For this reason, in the discussion of whether such companies are scams or not, we also would not like to waste our time.

Now the point of discussion is only, that investing in which company can be less risky.

Today in this article we will discuss and From the primary point of view, both concepts are Ponzi schemes only.

The difference is that is being claimed to be a Decentralized block-chain smart contract, and collect the investment in the usual way.

Let us know about

The most important thing here is that IAMSATOSHI.GLOBAL is far ahead of ARBITRAGE.IS, to attract investors. Their website and presentations are very good and can easily catch the investor in their trap. But all the big claims are being made by, are absolutely false. is claimed that  Satoshi Nakamoto (believed to be the creator of bitcoin) is behind this business, although this is unlikely to be the case at all. Why the person like Satoshi Nakamoto need to start a Ponzi scheme? See the screenshot below, what is in the headings and what is the body text ... This is where lies are caught. and Big MLM Scams

But still these people are misleading people by using Satoshi Nakamoto's name indiscriminately. Even while registering you are shown that this company is being run by Satoshi Nakamoto. and Big MLM Scams

It is claimed by iamsatoshi. global that it is a WORLD'S FIRST DECENTRALIZED EARNING PLATFORM. But the important thing is that no information of its bitcoin address or blockchain smart contract address is available on the website.

Registration is free, but there are no automatic logins (as in a block-chain smart contract). When you go to invest, you are given the address of the bitcoin wallet. Upon checking this address, I found that this bitcoin wallet address belongs to an individual. No transactions were visible on this wallet. and Big MLM Scams

This simply means that it is not a Decentralized Block-chain Smart Contract.

The best example of a Decentralized Block-chain Smart Contract is You can open this website and see that the company's smart contract address has been given on the home page. Due to the smart contract uploading, you can use the Ethereum wallet directly by automatic login while making registrations. and Big MLM Scams

If the block-chain technology smart contracts are uploaded, then you can register in directly on block-chain (i.e. you can register without the website also).  

But no such features are seen in All claims made until here are proven to be false.

Now come to the returns of investment and business plans. 

You can invest at least $ 100 in In this business, there are plans of getting 4 types of earnings.

1. Binary Income: investment of $ 100 on the left side and investment of $ 100 on the right side, you can earn $ 100 in a 1:1 ratio. But this amount will be given to you $ 5 per month for 20 months. This means you will have to wait 20 months for binary commission.

2. Passive Portfolio Income: If you are investing in $ 100 or multiple, then you will get 200% passive income in 200 working days at 1% per day on your investment. The promoters of this business plan are promising huge monetary gains to investors. 

Apart from this, another 2 types of earning offered in this business.

Binary commissions are fine, but the matter of giving passive portfolio income is being said in this business, there is no mention about how to generate it. That means straightforward, as long as there is money circulation, the returns will come. after that......? and Big MLM Scams

However, many business plans are available in the market that offers passive income. For example, also has 10 types of passive earning pools. But it has some conditions to earn money.  You can get passive income only if you have newly registered people below under you, in the auto-feel network. No matter who sponsored them.

There is no time limit promised to you, such as 200 days or any particular time period. If you don't have people in the downline, then you will not meet the criteria of earning from these pools.  Whenever the person joins the business, he is aware of it.

But due to no condition of any kind in iamsatoshi, these are just attractive promises, it is proved. I think it would be better if you do not fall into this business affair. 

Let us know about ARBITRAGE.IS

In the review of the iamsatoshi business, we saw that it is just a scam; And behind the name of DECENTRALIZED, the identities of the business owners have been hidden. But even ARBITRAGE.IS is also a big fraud. On its website, you can see who are the people in the team running this business. and Big MLM Scams

But when we checked these photos in reverse image in Google, it was found that all these images are being sold on Shutterstock. These images have been taken from this place and uploaded on the website.

Watch this video which we have embedded and pasted from Shutterstock, which is being sold by Shutterstock. And here claiming that the person appearing in this photo is its CEO. The person appearing in this photo is just a model! How much will these people lie with you?

Senior Executive with Mobile Phone. Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty-free) 1010092979 | Shutterstock

The reason behind the popularity of this website is you can invest 0.001 bitcoin (only Rs 700) and get 10% returns on your investment in just 3 days.

There are also multiple plans to provide more investment and more returns, which you can see by visiting their website. But also avoid making big investments in such a company by mistake. and Big MLM Scams

This company (?) invest your money in trading of bitcoins and claims to give returns from making a profit from there.

This company (?) is not running any concept like multi-level marketing. Although it definitely says to give referral commission on direct investment, this thing also seems completely false. Because they have not given any facility to check the investment come to this company from referral. There are no statistics available on their website to check the referral of how many investments come from their link. Therefore, by promoting the website through you, claiming 50% commission, the promoters of the business website have run to fool people.

Due to the short term for investment and returns, there are many positive REVIEWS about this company. But there are also some negative reviews.

Some people have claimed in the negative review that this company does not have an office at the address given on the website. Some other people have also claimed that they have not got any returns on their investment.

After studying this business, I could not see this company (?) making big claims anywhere, but many lies are being told by this company (?). From the negative review, it seems that this is also a fraud MLM Ponzi scheme, which I would not suggest for investment.

But even after this, its popularity is increasing day by day, so share this article more and more. So, our friends can be saved from the damage caused by it.

Technical analysis of both websites.

In the case of domain authority and page authority, both websites are also on the same rank. MOZ reliability scores are also quite low. and Big MLM Scams and Big MLM Scams and Big MLM Scams

Looking at the statistics of the website, it does not seem that these two are also reliable companies. Our suggestion would be to stay away from such multi-level marketing ponzi schemes.

1) Low quality or without product business plans or services.
2) Making unfair or overbearing claims towards your products and services.
3) Creating a pressure strategy for selling products or services.
4) To motivate people to adopt the tricks of making money only by getting involved in factless things.
5) Worse Company Communication.
6) Forcing people to buy expensive training or other business items.
7) Poor Business Bureau rating or low website rating.

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