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How To Make Money from Cryptocurrency?

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is to provide information only. The views expressed herein are those of the author and do not constitute investment advice. So take care of the risk of your money and then invest in the cryptocurrency promoted by MLM...! The author of this article or is not responsible for any kind of economic loss.

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How To Make Big Money from Cryptocurrency?
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The most important reason for the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency is the investment made in it has a dazzling profit. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, BitTorrent, Ethereum, Ripple have brought people countless benefits. In a span of only 10 months, Bit Torrent (BTT) has provided more than 40 times the profits to the investors.

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If you had bought Bitcoin in the year 2009-2010, you would have earned 45000 times profit. Bitcoin is called Digital Era Gold.

But due to the tremendous rise in prices, it has not been easy to get the same amount of profits in Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrencies. Therefore some experts recommend buying Cryptocurrency tokens which are available at a lower price.

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In this article, we will try to know in detail about one such cryptocurrency, in which your cost will be very low and the profit can be very large.

Which Is Best Cryptocurrency To Invest?

Although I am not an investment expert. But I consider Etherconnect (ECC) to be one of the cryptocurrencies that can give good returns early future. This cryptocurrency can fetch you a lot of big returns if you have a short-term outlook. 

Etherconnect (ECC) Promoters Profile 

As you may know, in the year 2016, there was an uproar in the Bitconnect (BCC) cryptocurrency in the whole world. The company is claiming to promote Etherconnect (ECC) by the promoters of Bitconnect.

Etherconnect (ECC) is a DeFi project. DeFi means Decentralized Finance. It is a blockchain-based finance system. Which does not include any type of mediators, brokers, exchanges, or banks. There is no company operating this system nor does it have any owner. It is a smart contract that is uploaded on Ethereum's blockchain.

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In the year 2016, Bitconnect (BCC) was included in the world's top-20 cryptocurrencies. It has been a very popular concept. In total, more than 34 million-plus community has been there. 

BCC prices had initially started at $ 0.17 and reached their peak in December 2017 at US $ 463. Due to the increase in rate by almost 2700 times, many investors in Bitconnect earned hugely.

Many people like you and me had earned up to 5 million dollars (about Rs 40 crore) through this cryptocurrency in a short span of only 3-4 months. Compared to that time, the cryptocurrency market has become more than 10 times larger today. If such an opportunity comes to you today, then how big change can happen in your life? Do you want to change your life? If your answer is yes then read this article till the end!

Due to some legal issues in the USA, Bitconnect operations had to be shut down in 2018. Etherconnect (ECC) is back as Bitconnect (BCC); And that too with full legal registrations. Due to the approval of Estonia and the UK Government, the ECC is ready to be launched in the market with even more strength.

What is Etherconnect (ECC)?

Etherconnect (ECC) is an open-source decentralized platform. It is a stable coin that facilitates stacking and yielding so that every investor can get better financial earnings. 

It is an Ethereum blockchain smart contract. In the history of decentralized finance, it is one of the most secure and fastest platforms.

In this platform, you can start receiving monthly profits, by stacking a minimum of $ 50 worth of value of the ECC coin. But the more you stack, the more profit you can get. Whoever invests, automatically goes for stacking for 365 days. This means that your investments are locked for 365 days. The higher your investment, the higher the percentage of profit you get!

Staking profits slabs are given below: 


Monthly Profit

$50 to $1000


$1001 to $5000


$5001 to $10000


$10001 to $100,000


Despite this, the profit on your investment is credited daily. For example, if your investment is $ 100, then you will get a 10% per month profit. However, at the time of getting the profit, the 30th part of 10%, i.e. 0.33% of your investment will be credited to your account daily. 

How To Withdraw Etherconnect (ECC) Profit?

You will get the profit in the Etherconnect (ECC) coin. With which you can easily get converted to Ethereum. You can withdraw your profit daily basis.

After clicking on  button, you will see the ECC balance on the next screen. You have to enter the withdrawal amount as well as the withdrawal amount will be visible in the Ethereum and the transaction charges will also be visible. In the last, you will also see the net amount in Ethereum. 

How To Make Big Money from Cryptocurrency?
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As soon as the Ethereum comes to your wallet, you can sell it on the WazirX or any other exchange and take payment in your account in Rupees. Click here to open your account in WazirX.

For Indian users, Giottus is the best option for WazirX. Click here to open your account in Giottus

Price Estimation of Etherconnect (ECC)

As we mentioned above, in the year 2016, Bitconnect (BCC) was included in the world's top-20 cryptocurrencies. It has been a very popular concept. In total, more than 34 million 80 lakh community has been there. And this is the only reason, I am positive about the huge returns from this coin.

As you know, BCC prices started at $ 0.17 and reached their peak in December 2017 at US $ 463. Due to an increase in rate by almost 2700 times, many investors in Bitconnect made huge profits.

Etherconnect (ECC) has also started at $ 0.1 and the company is claiming to increase it every day. Due to the fastest-growing community, its rates are increasing every day. Meaning that demand is increasing, and its supply is limited.

How To Make Big Money from Cryptocurrency?

You can see these fresh rates on the dashboard by logging in. 

क्या Etherconnect (ECC) गेम चेंजर क्रिप्टोकरेन्सी हैं?
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The company is claiming that this EYFI coin is going to be listed in the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange  Binance by August-2021. The company also claims that, as soon as it is listed on the exchanges, its price can start from $ 20. You can easily convert your ECC coins into EYFI coins and EYFI can be sold on Binance.

This will happen or not, it will tell the time to come. But in its previous history, this company has proven this. 

it is said that this company has entered the market after fulfilling all legal conditions. Early investors can get benefitted greatly from this. I am not a astrologer. But seeing the company's previous performance, I hope that Etherconnect (ECC) can prove to be a better coin.

My own opinion is, by investing in it people who wish to earn a big profit should invest as much as they can afford a risk. Do not take more risk than your capacity.

Here is the complete presentation of Etherconnect (ECC)

More risk, more gain!

You must have heard this

How To Make Big Money from Cryptocurrency?

Will the same be going to happen with ECC?

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Disclaimer: Investment in virtual currency/cryptocurrency can be risky. would not take any responsibility for any monetary losses that occurred due to this article. Join or invest on your own responsibility.

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