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Everything Explained About ULE Token...!


ULE (YOU LIVE EVERY DAY) is a meme token that runs on WYZth Coin's native blockchain WYChain.

From ULE, you can get great profit by farming (staking) through YEEP (Your Everyday Earning Plan)

ULE: The Token That Ruckus In The Crypto World?

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Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is to provide information only. The views expressed herein are those of the author and do not constitute investment advice. So take care of the risk of your money and then invest in the cryptocurrency promoted by MLM...! The author of this article or is not responsible for any kind of economic loss.

By becoming a part of the WYZth Coin Community, you can take up to 3 times profit on ULE you farmed.

After the successful project of WYZth Coin in the cryptocurrency market, there is again a great opportunity for the community of thousands to increase their investment through ULE Token. 

What is WYZth?

WYZTH is a cryptocurrency coin. This coin is native coins on their own blockchain WYChain. Just like BNB on the Binance blockchain, ETH on the Ethereum blockchain, and Tron on the Tron blockchain native coin.

Due to it's utility and being a transaction-based coin, you can get many utilities through it and you will be able to see it as one of the best cryptocurrencies in the times to come. 

WYZTH is one of the cryptocurrencies used as a traditional currency. The technology associated with WYZTH makes it unusual. In today's time, many companies claiming to be big in crypto also do not have such great technology as the WYZth community has made in just 1 year. 

What is a WYChain?

WYChain is an open-source smart contract platform built for your digital assets and decentralized applications (dApps).

All the transactions on WYChain take less than 1 second and the transaction charges less than 1 cents. Which is much less than many other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. 

What is the maximum supply of ULE?

The maximum supply of ULE is 50,000,000,000 (50 billion or 5000 crores). This is less than other meme coins. The total supply of Dogecoin is 100 Billion while the total supply of Shiba Inu is 58.97 Trillion

What is YEEP ULE?

By staking ULE token, you would get passive earnings per day through YEEP. YEEP ULE is also fully decentralized. The purpose behind YEEP is to transact in the WYZth community and meet your everyday needs. These systems are completely transparent and secure.

This smart contract-based system gives you 0.3% per day passive income on farming of ULE. Your total passive income is 200% and you get back the value of your staked ULE in total 1000 days.

Example- If you farm on this platform by purchasing USD 100 ULE token, you will get a passive income of USD 0.30 per day for 1000 days which includes the value of the ULE you have staked.

By staking, ULE will anyway give 2 times profit and at the same time, you will also get the benefit of increasing prices of tokens every day. Put your mind a little and see how tremendous profit can be made for you in the coming time. 

Can ULE be converted to INR?

You can take a 0.3% per day staking reward from the farmed ULE in any of these cryptocurrencies like Tron, Matic, BNB, Solana, ​​and WYZth. 

ULE: The Token That Ruckus In The Crypto World?

Through multi-chain swap you can convert your profit from SunSwap to Tron, RadiumSwap to Solana, WYZthSwap to WYZth, QuickSwap to Matic, PanCakeSwap to BNB. After that, you can convert all these cryptocurrencies to INR by selling them on exchanges. 

How to convert WYZth in INR?

If you have WYZth then you can swap it to ULE and farm it in YEEP, take profit coming from YEEP in your desired coin and get INR from it. 

ULE token price estimation?

The popularity of Memecoin is very high. Only Dogecoin and ShibInu have a community of more than 8 million and both Memecoin have a market capital of more than 40 billion dollars.

ULE tokens are expected to become popular soon in the Memecoin community around the world.

The ULE token was launched in the last week of April 2022 with only $0.01351351 (Re. 1). Today's price is around $ 0.04996189 (Rs. 3.75).

Its prices have jumped more than 3 times in just 10 days. Whereas the community of more than 27000 WYZth is already in existence. After the tremendous performance of WYZth, its community has really started to grow. Its community is expected to grow hundreds of times in the coming few months. 

If this growth continues, then its value is estimated to be $1 (Rs 75) or more per token by December 2023. According to some experts, its value can be much more than $1.

The specialty of the ULE token is that its mother currency WYZth is truly a utility coin. You can use the WYZth coin in your everyday life. This is the reason why the value of ULE has the ability to touch the skies.

The price growth of WYZth coin so far is completely organic. This is not artificial increases in prices like other cryptocurrencies or tokens run by the MLM system.

WYZth coin and its utility?

As mentioned, WYZth is a utility coin. That is why the future of WYZth looks golden. I have not seen any cryptocurrency being utilize just like WYZth. You can use WYZth in many ways.

WYZth's total community is currently over 28,000. For information of community and holders Click here

WYChain is a developer-friendly blockchain. Many developers can build their smart contracts, dApps or other projects on this blockchain.

As you know, in the early stages, many MLM or cryptocurrency projects were developed on the blockchain of Ethereum or Tron. For example, if a smart contract is created on the Ethereum blockchain, then the transaction charges were given in Ethereum itself. Due to this the popularity and demand of Ethereum increased. In the same way, WYChain has been created.  

If any cryptocurrency touches the heights, then it is necessary to have a better technology. WYZth has many technologies along with great utility.

BitcBot: A Crypto Trading BOT

WCX Exchange: A Crypto Exchange. Buy/Sell all major cryptocurrencies.

WYZth swap: You can swap your WYZth with all major cryptocurrencies.

WYShopping: A shopping portal. Buy gift cards for anything under the sun.

WYZth community

The integration of WYZth into the WYShopping e-commerce marketplace is going to be revolutionary for the entire crypto community. Users of this platform can order, buy and sell products in the market with the digital currency - WYZth. With the in-built Decentralized Crypto Wallet, customers and sellers can easily store and transfer their WYZth coin to facilitate transactions to the person concerned.

WY bet: A betting portal.

WY Gaming: A gaming portal

WY Pay: A Payment gateway.
D-app Alecxxa: A dAPP to earn WYZth.

ULE YEEP (your everyday earning plan ): You will get 9% per month on your staked ULE token.

Uletube: UleTube is a free video-sharing website that makes it easy to watch online videos. You can even create and upload your own videos to share with others.

In the future, many dAPPs, smart contracts will be created on this blockchain, so the demand for WYZth will increase. The future of WYZth and ULE is very bright due to it's  utility. In my opinion, WYZth is the best coin and ULE is the best Token for crypto investment of the present time. 


How To Join ULE YEEP Community?

Download & Setup "Metamask Wallet"

How to join YEEP ULE?

Tap to "Settings Menu"

How to Join YEEP ULE

Tap on "Networks" 

How to join YEEP ULE?

Tap On "Add Network"

How to join YEEP ULE?

Fill the below-given data perfectly.

How to join YEEP ULE?

अगली स्टेप में आपको ULE टोकन को आपके Metamask वॉलेट में add करना हैं. Import Token पर tap करें. 

ULE: The Token That Ruckus In The Crypto World?

नीचे दिए गए स्मार्ट कॉन्ट्रैक्ट एड्रेस को कॉपी कर पेस्ट करें. 

ULE Smart Contract Address on WYZth Chain 


ULE: The Token That Ruckus In The Crypto World?

यदि आपके पास WYZth हैं तो आप सीधे इस लिंक पर जाकर ULE स्वैप कीजिये. 

अधिक जानकारी के लिए मुझसे WhatsApp पर संपर्क कीजिये!


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