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Review: What is Darwin D-Taxi Business & How To Make Money from this Business?

Darwin Platform Group of Companies

Would you like to make a career with a corporate house of 56 thousand crores? 

Review: Darwin D-Taxi बिज़नेस क्या हैं? इस प्रोजेक्ट से पैसे कैसे कमाएं?

By becoming part of the 'D Taxi' project of Darwin Platform Group of Companies, you can get an opportunity to make a career and fulfill your dreams. In this article, we will try to understand how you can earn big money through the 'D Taxi' project by investing and referral trading. This is a better business opportunity ever I seen because Darwin Platform is a very high profile corporate group.

Whether you are in a job, unemployed, a businessman, or are looking for a part-time earning, getting a golden career to shape your future with the Darwin Platform Group has really big fortunate... 

Let us understand step-by-step, how you build a better future bright through this business.  

If you want to understand this business, then first you have to understand the management and profile of this company. Because our future can be better only in responsible hands. I think the best business can be created by this company in the coming years.  

What is the Darwin Platform Group of Companies?

Darwin Platform is a very big industry group in India. The foundation of this group was laid in the year 1996. Today, more than 27 different sectors of this industry group have made their own identity. This group with 56 thousand crore assets has set its foot in all the big business sectors. 

In the video below, you can get more information about this group. 

You can get detailed information about all corporate projects of Darwin Platform Group of Companies on their official website. Click here.

What is the Darwin D Taxi Project?

Darwin Platform Car Cab Trade Inc. is the 28th project by Darwin Platform Group of Companies. 

The company has also given a great opportunity to provide employment to thousands of people through this project. You too can be a part of this project as an Investor or Business Promoter. 

Darwin D Taxi Project is designed to provide the BEST taxi and cab facilities. This is exactly the same way as we have been using Ola or Uber taxis.

But efforts have been made by Darwin D-Taxi, to make the taxi services safer and technology-driven. As we know, taxis run by Ola or Uber has been taken on hire. But taxis in this project have owned by Darwin D Taxi. These taxis have been made using modern technology. These taxis are designed electronically to prevent the problem of increasing pollution.

In the environment of COVID-19, these cabs are designed as per safety guidelines.

Who is Ajay Harinath Singh?

Review: What is Darwin D-Taxi Business & How To Make Money from this Business?

Shri Ajay Harinath Singh is the Managing Director of Darwin Platform Group of Companies. Actually, the man behind the success of this group is Shri Ajay Harinath Singh. Started in 1996, the group has led the company to the pinnacle of success, following the guidance and vision of Ajay Harinath Singh. 

It is said that Shri Ajay Harinath Singh is related to the royal family of Sultanpur in Uttar Pradesh. His family has been playing a role as a successful entrepreneur and businessman for generations. 

He started his career at a younger age. He has won many honors on the basis of his management skills and creativity. Today he is one of the emerging entrepreneurs of India. 

The list of pride and awards received by Shri Ajay Harinath Singh is very long.

But keeping in mind the limitations of the words, we are giving a brief description.

Asiaone Young Indian Enterpreneur Award

Shri Ajay Harinath Singh is a rich visionary personality.

Review: What is Darwin D-Taxi Business & How To Make Money from this Business?

Most Influential Entrepreneur Award

of 2018-2019 by Times of India

Not only the awards but the cognizance of Shri Ajay Harinath Singh's work has taken by many media houses.

Review: What is Darwin D-Taxi Business & How To Make Money from this Business?

World-famous Forbes Magazine Article on Ajay Harinath Singh

Mr. Ajay Harinath Singh has been respected by world-famous magazines like Forbes.

I am sharing the link to the article published by Forbes here, which you can confirm by visiting the Forbes Magazine website. Click here.

Review: What is Darwin D-Taxi Business & How To Make Money from this Business?

GEA Global Excellence Award 2019 by renowned actress Madhuri Dikshit

Review: What is Darwin D-Taxi Business & How To Make Money from this Business?

Lifes Real Hero Award

While receiving the award by 'Mahashaya' Dharmapala, founder of MDH Spices.

Review: What is Darwin D-Taxi Business & How To Make Money from this Business?

Not only the award, but Mr. Ajay Harinath Singh has tried to beat many bigger corporate houses. In the bid to buy Jet Airways, he also left behind Mukesh Ambani, who is one of the richest people in the world.  

Unfortunately, this deal could not be done, but after this, the Darwin platform is seen as a big industrialist of India. 

Review: What is Darwin D-Taxi Business & How To Make Money from this Business?

Very Strong Company Profile

As we have also understood, Darwin Platform Group of Companies is a very strong and ambitious corporate group.

In this business, you can join as a Business Partner or as a referral trading partner.

बिज़नेस पार्टनर

 Review: What is Darwin D-Taxi Business & How To Make Money from this Business?

You can get a profit on investment made in D Taxi project by becoming a Business Partner here. You do not need to do anything about this. As a Business Partner, the company shares the profits from this project with you.

रेफरल ट्रेडिंग पार्टनर

Review: What is Darwin D-Taxi Business & How To Make Money from this Business?

By becoming a business partner, you can work to increase the community of the company. It is a golden opportunity to refer other people like you, in this business. It is the best way to get a working income.

बिज़नेस पार्टनर

You can purchase Corporate ID from Rs 10,000 to Rs 5,00,000 in D Taxi Project. After purchasing in this project, you can get profit-sharing as per the chart given below. 




Expected Profits

Rs. 5,00,000

Rs. 2000

per day profit sharing

Up to 500 days (approx. 17 months)

Rs. 10,00,000

Rs. 1,00,000

Rs. 367

per day profit sharing

Up to 545 days  (approx. 19 months)

Rs. 2,00,000

Rs. 50,000

Rs. 167

Per day profit sharing

Upto 600 days

(approx. 20 months)

Rs. 1,00,000

Rs. 25,000

Rs. 75

Per day profit sharing

Up to 666 days

(approx. 22 months)

Rs. 50,000

Rs. 10,000

Rs. 27

Per day profit sharing

Up to 750 days

(approx. 25 months)

Rs. 20,000

Is investment in the Darwin D Taxi project safe?

Today, the market is dominated by Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, money circulation schemes, fake cryptocurrency business, auto-fill schemes. Frauds are happening daily with millions of people. 

In such a situation, it is natural to raise this apprehension about this business as well. But friends Darwin Platform Group of Companies is a very large corporate group. There is absolutely no possibility of getting cheated with your investment here. I am not an investment expert, but any small mistake can also put a big blemish on the reputation of this corporate group.

For example, this company made the highest bid while buying Jet Airways. In this deal, he also left behind Mukesh Ambani. You can search for more information about this deal on Google. But for such corporate deals, company directors Goodwill are seen.

Under the Darwin platform, Ajay Harinath Singh is associate with other countries for selling Sukhoi 30 and MIG aircraft from Russia. He also owns a refinery in Eastern Europe and is fully ready to expand his oil business in Russia. He is also in the infrastructure and banking business in the Sultanate of Oman. (Source: Forbes India Magazine)

If a company or its director with such a profile tries to scam, there will be problems in future big deals. Therefore, founders/directors of the Darwin Platform Group of Companies are unlikely to do so. 

Apart from this, it has also come to the notice that, Darwin D Taxi Project has also admitted before the Additional Magistrate of Delhi Court that, for the protection of the capital of the investors to be held in this project, property worth Rs 2000 crore has been kept.

Referral Trading Partner

If you refer someone to buy the corporate ID of the company, then you get an opportunity to get active income as an incentive.

You can refer as many people as you want to get incentives. A strong company profile and corporate plans of great returns make it very easy to promote this business. 

Level Open Conditions

But here, some conditions have been kept in this plan to take full 21 level benefit. To get success in this business, you have to promote horizontally in your front line. Only then you are eligible to receive the next level commission. If you are-

  • If you refer a corporate ID of Rs 10,000, then your 1 level opens. Meaning you have to bring 21 corporate IDs to your front line to open 21 levels. 
  • Similarly, if you refer a corporate ID of Rs 25,000, then your 3 levels will be opened.
  • If you refer a corporate ID of Rs 50,000, then your 5 levels will be opened.
  • If you refer a corporate ID of Rs 1,00,000, then your 7 levels will be opened.
  • If you refer a corporate ID of Rs 5,00,000, then your 10 levels will be opened.
  • For example- If you refer 1 corporate ID of 10,000, a corporate ID of 25,000, and a corporate ID of 5,00,000 in your direct referral, then 1 + 3 + 10 total 14 levels will be opened.

Can Everyone Make Money From This Business?

Yes, if you are an active promoter in this business then you can get referral incentives. As we have been seeing in the generation or matrix system, if you join someone in your referral, then you earn money on your referral business.

But if you want to earn money from this business, then you have to increase the horizontal front line. Only then you can get a benefit of 21 levels. In this business, if you want to earn money and work a little hard, then your earning will never stop and it won't be reduced; but for consistently increasing earnings, you will have to work hard only for the first 6 months.

As soon as your earnings are set after the initial hard work, then you never have to look back. Let us understand why this business is a career opportunity for us. 

You can get up to 21 levels of benefit in this business, but your referral earnings have limits here.

For example, if you promote this business by purchasing a corporate ID of Rs 10,000, then you will get a maximum referral incentive of up to Rs 20,000 only. Not more than that. 

You can get a referral incentive here twice the amount of your own corporate ID.

If you want more than this, then you will have to top-up your corporate ID again. If you do the next top-up of 50,000, you can again earn up to 1,00,000. 

Suppose you have a group of 500 active people, in such a situation your earning can never be reduced. Because everyone will re-purchase Corporate ID again and again to get the earnings. On this Re-purchase of Corporate ID again, you will get an incentive on your investment as well as you will get earnings according to the Compensation Plan. In this way, your earning will increase and your 21 generation referrals will also increase. Due to being Re-purchase here every time, your earning keeps increasing. 

I want to make you aware that as soon as your earnings are set in this business, it will never come down. This is the beauty of this business, which I like. So friends, understand this concept exactly and start now. It will not take time for your dreams to be fulfilled.

Please keep in mind... 

I would like to make you aware, that you do not consider the D Taxi business from the point of view of MLM, Network Marketing, Ponzi Scheme, Pyramid Scheme. If you are doing this, then you are making a mistake. It is a trading business. Here you are going to get a career opportunity by working as a passive or active trader. 

D Taxi being a referral trading business, is not a network marketing or MLM. This is not a money circulation plan, Ponzi schemes, auto-pools, or pyramid schemes at all. The money distributed in all such schemes is only circulated from the newly joined people to the upper people of the pyramid. But in this business, your money is invested in real projects and the company shares the profits received with you. Therefore, the profit you get here has absolutely nothing generated from new join peoples coming through referrals in the company.
In the name of the Enforcement Directorate (ED), people lose their sweat. But ED has also certified this business earlier that it is a perfectly legitimate business. The proof of which is given below. I do not think any other company can have more transparency than this. 

Review: What is Darwin D-Taxi Business & How To Make Money from this Business?

Thank you!

Jai Hindi!


The purpose of this article is to provide information only. This business is not being promoted on our behalf. So before joining, take complete information. If there is any kind of financial loss occurs through this article, then it will be your own responsibility. This website is not liable for any financial losses.

Investment in any project can be risky. can not and would not take any responsibility for any monetary losses that occurred due to this article. Join on your own responsibility.
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