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Understand The Benefits Of Organic Farming...!


As you are aware that to fulfill the need of the increasing population various types of chemical fertilizers, and toxic pesticides are being used in large quantities to get maximum Agri production in the competition of food production by humans for the supply of food. Which affects the cycle of exchange between biotic and inorganic substances of nature.

Due to this, the fertility of the land becomes weak, as well as the environment is polluted, and there is a decline in the health of human beings.

At present, as the production is increasing in the agricultural sector, the use of chemicals has also increased in the same way. Due to the maximum usage of chemicals, the land is continuously becoming barren. Excessive use of chemicals is harmful to the land, the atmosphere, humans, and the entire universe. Insecticides, bactericides, and fungicides are increasing the level of toxins.

Gradually this loss will break all its limits and become very fatal. To deal with this situation, Moral Group of Companies has started the agricultural revolution, which we know as organic farming. The specialties of this series are as follows-

Benefits of Organic Farming

1. Benefits from the point of view of farmers-

  • Increase the fertility of the land
  • Increase irrigation interval
  • Cost reduction due to less dependence on chemical fertilizers
  • Increase the productivity of crops
  • Heavy demand for the quality organic products to compete with the international market

2. Benefits from the point of view of soil-

  • The use of organic manure improves the quality of the land.
  • Increases the water holding capacity of the land.
  • Evaporation of water from the land will work.
  • Toxic elements will be destroyed on the land.
  • Increase the effect of fertilizers on the land, increase the moisture
  • The soil will lack pathogenic germs.

3. Benefits from the point of view of climate-

  • There is an increase in the water level of the land.
  • There is a reduction in the pollution caused by water in the soil, manure, and soil.
  • Waste is used to make manure, which reduces pollution and reduces diseases.

Side Effects of Chemical Farming

Due to the increasing population, people started chemical farming, then all of us are going to destroy our own life. We have used urea, DAP, and other chemical insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides. Which brought a smile to our faces but we did not know about the future.

These chemical insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides together brought serious problems like cancer, blood pressure, fatty liver, etc. But still, people are ignoring all the side effects, in view, the government has increased the rate of urea and DAP but still, no change is visible.

If chemical fertilizers and manure were used in this way, then we would have ended both mankind and the fertility of the soil.

That is why the central government started emphasizing organic agriculture, the aim of the government would also be to promote organic agriculture more and more and bring the revolution to organic agriculture. To save our future generations, all the friends are requested to start organic farming from now onwards.

Our future is in danger, let us all join the "Moral Group of Companies" and start organic agriculture, only with the cooperation of all of you, the organic revolution will be possible. Promote Moral Agro Products in every field,

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