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Billion Money: Best MLM Opportunity To Earn Money Lifetime

Billion Money: Best MLM Opportunity To Earn Money Lifetime

Billion Money 

A business plan, having no chance of a website shut down...

A business plan, having no chances of an admin run away with your money...

The only business plan which can fulfill your dreams.

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You can view Billion Money block-chain smart contract here.

International users can join

Billion Money: Best MLM Opportunity To Earn Money Through Autofill Business Plan

Friends, we can see the changes coming due to the increasing influence of technology in multi-level marketing. In the world of MLM, there is such a large section that does not want to earn money by promoting products. They do not want to become a seller but want to take advantage of this sector as a smart investor.

Although this can happen, I never believed in such type of earnings. I was trying to move forward on the ideologies of network marketing. In which I can say, I succeeded and also failed. But I did not believe that smart money (or easy money) can be earned from MLM.

But technology has made so much progress that it took me many years to awaken it.

However, who doesn't want smart money? Just in this desire, before this, I joined an auto-feel network, the website closed in just 3 days after my joining. Again I lost a few hundred rupees (it may be a small amount) in the affair of smart money. Because local auto-feel network companies come only to cheat people.

Whenever we join a business plan (without any product), then the person joining the last is never thought of. However, everyone knows that the person joining, in the end, is going to lose something. By the way, it is more appropriate to be called a Ponzi scheme, not an investment plan. 

By the way, even if the product is not worth the value, any person joining even in the product base business finally loses their money.

However, some of the better network marketing companies (even though their percentage is very low) are selling value-worth products to their customers. But 99% of companies are unable to do so.

There have been many reasons for most of our failures in network marketing or multi-level marketing. There is no duplication in the true sense, due to which companies cannot even afford their maintenance and are closed.

There may be many reasons why the product or service is not good or there is no payout at the right time, due to a lack of duplication.

Upper-level team leaders leaving the company and moving to another company has also been an important reason for our failure.

In this article today, we do not want to be entangled in old problems. Because we have to look forward to. But do not repeat the mistakes made in the past.

What do common people like us expect from a smart business plan in network marketing or MLM?

Whatever our apprehensions are in this period, if we get answers to all the apprehensions in any business plan, what can be good things to do?

I just recently heard about Billion Money. And I was shocked. I have got answers to all these questions in Billion Money. Let's know-how?

These are the questions that arise in my mind, which I got answered in Billion Money. These questions will also definitely arise in your mind. Let us try to find these questions through the Billion Money Business Plan.

Question 1: Are Joining Amount is Low? Are we taking a risk?

Answer: You have to buy $ 20 (20 PAX Coins) only once. Along with this, network charges are levied for every transaction. These network charges are in Ethereum currency. So you have to purchase $ 5 Ethereum. This means the total joining amount is Rs.  2000

Question 2: In any business, we sponsor people who are close to us. The people joined with me in Billion Money will face financial loss, due to which my face value may deteriorate?

Answer: You also join your referrals by purchasing $ 20  (20 PAX Coins) and $4 Etharium (Rs. 2000). These 20 PAX Coins go to your referral's trust wallet. This means that you have not taken anything from your referrals. His money used to purchase 20 PAX Coins.

The important thing is that this amount is not very much, if you explain the business properly then your face value will not be bad at all. And by the way, if you want to take advantage of the global network, then what is the problem in taking the risk of such a little amount?  

Question 3: As we know, the reason for the failure of the common man in network marketing is that he is not able to build his team. Meaning people fail to join. Can such people benefit from this business? 

Answer: Yes, you can definitely get benefits. Because this plan has given better earning of an auto-feel network. The most important thing is that, if you join this business yourself, and sponsor only 2 people, you can still be eligible for auto-pool. This auto-pool consists of 10 pools in total. As your levels are upgraded you enter into the next stage of the auto pool.

The earnings of auto-pools increase at each next stage. In this, only you have to sponsor 2 people once. Like other auto-pool plans, sponsoring is not required at every level. Even after these 2 people come under you by spill-over and come in your down line, you are still eligible for auto-pool.

These auto-pool networks are based on a 3x10 matrix. In the case of auto-pool, runs on a first come first serve basis.

In this plan, 3 people come to your down line without sponsoring anyone, then you can get

$ 0.5 x 3 = $ 1.50.

In the same way, if 9 people come, you can get $ 0.5 x 9 = $ 4.50.

See the chart below. Through this auto pool network, you have the chance of earning thousands of dollars through 10 levels. Apart from this, there are many pools of auto-pools that you can take advantage of, and that too without sponsoring anyone.

If you had joined any auto-pool plan before this, then there were many conditions in it. For example, you can withdraw your money only after sponsoring 4 people or a minimum of $ 10 or $ 20 payout. But there is no such condition in billion money. If you want, you can withdraw half a dollar.

Billion Money: Best MLM Opportunity To Earn Money Through Autofill Business Plan

If you do not join anyone in this business, you are still qualified for first-level AUTO-POOL earning. That's why I joined this business. I can show you it with proof here. Below you can see that a lot of people are getting earnings from here without sponsoring anyone to the business.

Even if it can take time. But you can definitely take a smart earning from here.

See the screenshots below.

Billion Money: Best MLM Opportunity To Earn Money Lifetime

Billion Money: Best MLM Opportunity To Earn Money Lifetime

Question 4: We don't dream of crores, but we need to meet a better lifestyle. After all, we have spent many years of our lives in want of it. Can we get as much as we need?

Answer: Yes, you can get more than you expected, if you want. As you have seen above, you are getting great earnings with Auto-Pool. In the same way, if you spread business by increasing your efforts or join people in your network, then you can get many types of earnings in addition to auto-pool. Which we will understand further.

But one thing is for sure, this business will definitely meet your expectations and earn more from here, I am sure.

Question 5: Business plan can be promoted easily? So that the percentage of success of people joining late can increase and we can earn people's blessings and respect along with money. 

Answer: You can promote this business very easily. Because the auto-pool plan given here makes your business easy.

If you also see the working plan, then this also you get the benefit of more than 2 people sponsored by your upline. Here you can find a binary forced matrix system. People sponsored more than 2 by your upline will be placed under you, left to right & top to bottom.

All you need to join with active upline. Without an active sponsor or upline's support, the business cannot grow.

Let's have a look at the business plan.

Billion Money: Best MLM Opportunity To Earn Money Through Autofill Business Plan


Billion Money: Best MLM Opportunity To Earn Money Through Autofill Business Plan

Billion Money: Best MLM Opportunity To Earn Money Through Autofill Business Plan

Billion Money: Best MLM Opportunity To Earn Money Through Autofill Business Plan

Let us understand some features of this business plan. 

Auto-pool income. No sponsoring is required.

If you failed to sponsor in the sale level income, then your up-line can help you. Because your up-line has to be successful. There can be better teamwork here. In which you too can be successful.

If both of your sides are not fully grown and the power leg keeps on increasing, then you can get single leg earnings through uni-level. Which are as follows. 
Level 4 to 10
Level 11-20

If you sponsor 10 people, then you are entered directly into the Global Dividend Network.
Billion Money: Best MLM Opportunity To Earn Money Through Autofill Business Plan

Last month (in April-2020) the $ 632 bonus has been distributed to 45 people. This May-2020 till May 2nd  $ 360.60 funds have been generated in this pool. You can see all this statistic in your dashboard. See the screenshot below.

If I tell you the squeeze of this plan, then I think every type of person can get definitely something from this business plan. Because you can take many smart earnings here, like non-working, working, single-leg, global dividend etc.

So do not delay at all. Join immediately.

Question 6: The most important thing - are our payouts and people's money safe? Will the promoters of the company run away with the money? Will the company's website continue uninterrupted? In another language, can this business last long?

Answer: Your earning money in Billion Money is 100% safe. Because there are no owners or administrators running this company. The contract code of the cryptocurrency blockchain Ethereum has been uploaded by a minor.

As there is no admin or owner, then no one has the right to change the contract rules, conditions and remove them.

This business is run using the Ethereum Blockchain Platform. The platform is believed to be reliable and stable and has a record of all your earnings and investments on a smart contract that you can see at

To date, the auto-pool plan that you have seen or joined before, the same scams cannot happen here. That's why I didn't see a more secure business than Billion Money before. This company and its website are safe as well as your money is safer. 

See the home page of the company's website Here you can see the statistic of how many people are joining the business every day, the total number of joining. I have not seen such a transparent company to date. Not only this, but you can also see all the earning and other statistics of your upline.

Billion Money: 100% पारदर्शिता के साथ जिंदगीभर MLM से पैसा कमाएं

Those who want to earn money with minimum effort by doing smart work, should not lose this opportunity.

Friends, it is an epidemic time. Due to this, the coming year can be very bad from the point of view of financial health. Many small businesses will collapse and many people are losing their jobs. In such a situation, network marketing can emerge as a viable option. Read our article written on it. You will get to know the strength of this business.

Check my auto-pool earnings 

Billion Money: Best MLM Opportunity To Earn Money Lifetime

Feel free to contact me for registration: 8766522834

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article. can not and would not take any responsibility for any monetary loss that occurred due to this article. Join on your own responsibility.

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