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Throat Cancer: Diagnosis and Prevention

Throat Cancer: Diagnosis and Prevention

The human body has innumerable cells. These cells are formed and destroyed in millions daily. This process goes on continuously.

In some cases, the growth rate of these cells removes control of the body and they grow abnormally. Uncontrolled and abnormal growth of these cells is called cancer. This abnormal growth causes many problems and becomes life-threatening while the normal growth of cells poses no threat to the body.

Throat Cancer

There are two types of throat cancer. First, cancer of the larynx. Of the total cancer patients, 13 percent have throat cancer. Its proportion in males is four times more than females. In this type of cancer, tumor or neoplasia is located in the larynx located in the respiratory tract. This causes a change in voice.

Another major cancer in the throat is the pharynx. Apart from this, tonsils can also, cause cancer but its percentage is very less.

The percentage of throat cancer cases in India is about 12% of the total cancer patients, which cannot be said to low. Early detection of throat cancer can lead to successful treatment.

Causes of throat cancer:

Although the exact cause of throat cancer is not yet known, it has been found that eating too much tobacco and smoking or drinking alcohol can lead to such cancer. According to an estimate, one million people become cancer patients every year in the world by smoking cigarettes.

Many chemical substances such as bitumen, asbestos, vinyl chloride, benzene, cadmium arsenic are also capable of causing cancer. Everyday industry workers come in contact with these substances every day, increasing their chances of getting cancer.

Such foods that cause prickling or burning sensation in the throat can also cause pharyngeal cancer. Apart from these, it has been known that a virus called Epstein Barr (EBV) can also cause cancer of the pharynx.

Radiation and pollution in large quantities are also the cause of throat and many other cancers. For example, pollution of petrol and diesel and the use of hazardous chemical gases from industries, smoke and dirty water and excess of pesticides are responsible for increasing cases of cancer.

Consumption of canned food and artificial colors and chemicals increases the risk of cancer. To a certain extent, hereditary can cause cancer, but other causes and conditions are also responsible for this.

Do not ignore a sore throat

Constant sore throat or sore throat can be a symptom of cancer. According to a report, if there is a pain in the ears with a sore throat, difficulty in eating or breathing, then it can be a symptom of larynx cancer.

This study was done by the 'University of Exeter' has been published in the 'British Journal of General Practice'. This study will help to identify and treat cancer in the initial time. According to the study's lead author, Dr. Elizabeth Shepherd, this is the first study in which information about symptoms of larynx cancer has been given.

Through this study, it has helped to know that sore throat can be an important symptom of larynx cancer. But it has also been said in the study that the risk of this cancer increases due to frequent sore throat.

In this study, more than 800 patients with larynx cancer have been included. The study report revealed that more than 5 percent of the people had cancer due to constant sore throat.

Diagnosis of disease:

Nowadays it is possible to identify the disease at an early stage. In case of any of the symptoms mentioned above, contact a qualified doctor immediately.

A doctor can correctly identify the disease by performing laryngoscopy, biopsy, etc. You have to keep in mind that the sooner the cancer is diagnosed, the greater the benefit from treatment. Therefore, if there is any doubt, contact the doctor immediately.

Treatment of throat cancer:

Nowadays many cancers are cured with early treatment and the patient lives a long life, for example, if surgery is done after the early diagnosis of laryngeal cancer in the throat, the patient remains alive till normal age.

Now 80 to 90 percent of cancer patients are treated successfully. Apart from surgery, treatment is also done by radiation, which greatly benefits the patient. In certain situations, anti-cancer medicines are also given to the patient.

Prevention or throat cancer:

This disease can be avoided to a great extent by changing some eating habits and consumption of tobacco and leaving harmful intoxication. Consumption of tobacco in any form should be discarded.

Apart from this, the use of pan masala, raw betel nut, etc. should also be stopped. One should also not do tobacco cooking. To avoid cancer, it would be appropriate to quit alcohol consumption. Apart from this, too much spicy diet should not be eaten every day.

Getting the body examined every two years after the age of 40 is also helpful in the prevention of cancer.

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