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Will US-Iran tension lead to Third World War?

In human history and the desire of human beings to expand the habitations, to date we have seen and read various kinds of deadly wars in history.

Although, this war has been a very painful tragedy of human life, but we also saw the climax of destruction in the First and Second World Wars. In both these battles, millions of people have lost their lives, multi-millions of people have been injured and the assets of the countries have been undervalued.

Shortly after the end of the Second World War, the discussion started that, if there is so much destruction in this war, then in the third world war, perhaps the human race on earth will be completely destroyed. Since then, various speculations are being made about this third world war.

Third World War prospects

As we have seen, in the context of the third world war, the speculation had started soon after the second world war, although many times it came up but this war could not come into existence. During the horrific cold war between America and Russia, these two superpowers for 40-45 years, there were many such occasions that the third world war would just be shattered, but this possibility was postponed from time to time.

But in view of the increasing tension in Iran and America in the last years, there is also speculation that perhaps the world is currently standing at the mouth of the third world war volcano.

In speculations only, but if such a situation arises, then perhaps the final war of mankind can also happen. Because the results resulting from this world war can be so devastating that only mankind can be destroyed after war.

What is the reason

As we have seen, during the last few months, tensions in the relationship between America and Iran have reached their peak. In this situation, no one seems ready to retreat. A few months later there is a presidential election in the United States.

If Trump's government is formed once again in these elections, then there is a lot of possibility that he can attack America. America has been eyeing Iran's oil reserves for the past several decades. But the anti-American governments there are not allowing this to happen.

The Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979 made relations between the United States and Iran tense. By then, the government of the then Shah Mohammad Raza Pahlavi government of America and Iran had very cordial relations.

The anti-government forces say that this government was completely American and was causing a lot of damage to Iran. Therefore, there was a huge movement under the leadership and guidance of Ayatollah Rahollah Khomeini and the government of Shah Pahlavi was overthrown.

At that time, US diplomats and their relatives were present there, they were taken hostage. This drama ran for about 400 days. Later, the government of Iran let everyone go safely from there. But the sourness between America and Iran increased significantly.

When did stress increase

In the US, Donald Trump of the Republican Party became president in 2015, and since then, there has been a growing tension in America and Iran. This tension escalated when Trump reviewed and announced the repeal of all US agreements with all the generals. It was done with Iran.

The agreement was also the inclusion of the Joint Action Comprehensive Plan - Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action-JCPOA).

What does Iran believe

However, the US is claiming that Iran is making a destructive weapon in the name of nuclear power, but Iran rejects it from the head. Iran says that its nuclear power program is subject to international regulations and the US is completely lying. In fact, like America, Iraq wants to attack Iran by accusing Iran of mass destruction weapons, this claim belongs to Iran.

The Bush government attacked Iraq in 2003, accusing it of being a weapon of widespread genocide and ousted the then Saddam Hussein government. Since then, there has been an atmosphere of anarchy in Iraq, which has been breaking the back of the breeds there.

Iran thinks that America wants to ruin Iran by making similar accusations and attacking. In fact, many experts say that there is a game of oil somewhere behind it.

Where the flare up

However, during Iran and the United States, there was a lot of tension going on, that the fire was done by Britten, the unmarried servant of America. In the Harmuz Strait, Bretchen caught an oil tanker of Iran, which caused Iran to be very angry.
The US-British claimed that this oil tanker was going to Syria. Instead of coming under pressure from this incident, Iran hit back and captured America's oil tanker. Meanwhile, the US targeted an American drone spying on an Iranian oil tanker.

The special thing is, this drone was so sophisticated that it could not be attacked, it was believed by America. But in America it too broke. Immediately after this, America would attack Iran but he is worried about his warship present in this area. If Iran had attacked this warship, it would have suffered the loss of US dollar.

In view of this, the US focused its attention only on economic sanctions and broadened its scope. A few days ago, the matter of cyber attack on Iran also came to light, but Iran completely denied it.

In this situation even today, superpowers like Russia and China still stand with Iran, which is a matter of increasing America's anger.

Israel is also the reason for tension

Israel, which has emerged as an enemy for the entire Arab world, is also acting like a factor in this whole controversy.

Iran has said many times that Israel should be completely destroyed. Iran has openly supported the Tanzim Hezbollah of Hasan Nasrullah who attacked Israel with missiles, now open secret. On the other hand, Israeli neighbors are also bent on destroying it. Iran is the only superpower in this region that can wage a long war with Israel.

However, if there is war, nothing can be said about who will win and who will lose. If this war is prolonged, then it is natural that countries like Russia and China can also come down. If this situation arises, the third world war is bound to happen. - What will be the results
If the war broke out in Israel-America and Iran, it can have very disastrous results all over the world.

Today the whole world is running on the basis of petrol and diesel. If this war started, then the prices of these commodities could skyrocket, due to which the economy of many countries may collapse.

The supply of oil to many countries may be stopped. In such a situation, the owner of the huge oil reserves, America can block the whole world and fill their pockets.

This can have very serious consequences on developing countries like India. Already in the last few years, India is grappling with various problems. Declining GDP, decreasing government income, rising unemployment and inflation will make these problems even more serious.

If different superpowers of the world beat the war in this war, then nuclear war can be broken. In the event of such a situation, it will historically have catastrophic consequences, which can endanger the entire human race.

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