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Hyderabad Rape Case: The justice that to injustice with judiciary?

After the rape and murder of Hyderabad, the outbreak of feelings of anger, fear and disgust among the Indian people has now been replaced by such feelings of comfort, joy, contentment.

All four accused in the case were killed in a police encounter on Friday morning. And, across the country, reactions of 'true justice' emerged. A similar lesson should be taught to criminals who commit rape and murder.

The accused in the rape case should be punished in the same manner without wasting time in court. these sentiments are being expressed from different levels of the country.  On the other hand, there are some people who think that this way is not legally valid. They expect no one to take the law into their own hands.

of course, their voices today are somewhat shaky in front of the police support voice.  But, the questions raised after the Hyderabad encounter are certainly not worth ignoring. Because they are related to the country's justice system, the police system and the democratic system as a whole. 

By the way, how can a law enforcement action be justified in the state of law?  But still the police action is being supported today,  Not only support is given, but the citizens are celebrating by giving flowers to the police. Some are blaming the public for this.  But more than just blaming, we need to understand the reasons behind this response. in fact, That is an important discussion Issue today.

A wave of happiness has erupted across the country after the accused in the Hyderabad gang rape case were killed.  Hyderabad police on Friday morning took four accused and went to the spot to investigating while one of them tried to run away with a police gun.  As police went to arrest him, he opened fire and all four accused were killed by police in the encounter. 

Now many questions can be raised on this encounter.  For example, how would the police be so innocent if the accused had fired the police weapon?  Didn't the police have the manpower to catch the runaway?

Many such technical questions are being asked. Of course, while some are suspected of the police encounter, nobody seems to be protesting the incident. The main reason for this is that most people like the fact that the accused was killed rather than thinking that the police encounter is true or false.

many brutal killings have taken place in the country, the accused have been arrested and even punished. But it was too late to execute that sentence. In some cases, the sentencing has not yet been implemented.

Therefore, there is a feeling of anger in the public regarding the arrangements and procedures. That is why the outbreak of the Hyderabad Encounter should be expressed as joy. People expect instant justice in a brutal crime like rape.

Unfortunately, the picture shows that the law and the system failed to achieve such justice.

The whole nation was enraged after the 'Nirbhaya' rape and murder case of 2012.  After this case, the law on rape was amended in the country. It was the provision of severe punishment. The law was changed, the punishment hardened. But the results are still zero today.

Seven years have passed, but the sentence sentenced to the accused in the Nirbhaya case has not yet been implemented. Also on the Koppardi rape case, the situation is the same. The victim, who was a ninth-grader, was raped and murdered in the street.

The accused were arrested within 2-3 days. After this case, the outrage of the Maratha Revolution Morcha started in the state The three accused were sentenced to death on November 29 in the fast-track court proceedings.

But their exact execution has not yet been completed. Many cases like the Naina case in Pune, Mansi case in Aurangabad and Kathua are still pending. Unnao's case is even more serious! The accused of rape were granted bail by the court.

These slogans, which went out on bail, hit the victim in the street. It was an inhuman way to pour oil on her and burn her alive. She died yesterday.It would not be wrong to say that all these instances are disturbing the public's belief in the system. And that is why the police encounter in Hyderabad is getting so much public response.

The governance of our country is governed by the adoption of legal and constitutional means. So is this method of encounter right or wrong?

This should also be taken into consideration. If in all cases such justice is to happen  It will not take a long time for the country to become chaotic.  So let the law do its job, That would be convenient for everyone.  Of course, law enforcement agencies should also recognize their responsibility.

If the law is not implemented immediately, even if it is an inhumane and cruel crime like rape, then what do those laws do? This question is natural. Every reaction of the masses has an attachment of emotion.

The sentiment of anger has been suppressed even after the response in support of the Hyderabad Encounters case. So, Why blame him if the community's patience ends with the disconcerting experience of 'Justice Delayed is Justice Denied ...'? Therefore, there is nothing to be gained by blaming those who rejoice.

If there is anything to be achieved in the state of the law, the process of justice will have to be improved. The belief that the state of the law established by the Constitution is actually governed by the law will have to be exercised in public. Overall, the delay in the investigation and the delay in the judicial process are the only reasons for today's public outcry.

It is the same feeling of joy that is celebrated after the Hyderabad encounter.  Therefore, in order to maintain the rule of law, in order to maintain the trust of the people, law enforcement agencies need to be introverted. Hyderabad Encounter Correct or Wrong? 

There will be various opinions on this! But this cannot be called justice. Because anyone who is a criminal must be punished within the framework of the law. And it should be received promptly.

That will be useful for the country, for the community. Today the Hyderabad Encounter is getting the support of the people. Its root system is buried in failure. That is why systems must interfere with their functioning.

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