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How to Get Passive Income from Platincoin?

Platincoin: The future is now?

Disclaimer: This article is just an example, of how Platincoin MLM Promoters exaggerate this Ponzi scheme and attract people. Whereas, on the contrary, we have written a review proving the whole facts. Click here for Platincoin Review before reading this article...!

Why Invest in Platin Coin?

How WYZth Token make you rich?

Passive income or additional income is everyone's dream. Whether you are awake, sleeping, or vacationing somewhere with your family, your income is still on. I have seen many such projects or businesses that claim the passive income, but the reality is different. But Platincoin has shown its strength to be different from all other businesses. Platincoin is completely different from businesses that make false promises, 

You don't need here to buy and sell cryptocurrency. By buying and depositing Platincoin into PLC Farm, you can also get manifold benefits.

It's not just about getting profit from your money, through this business you are also going to step into the ocean of ​​modern blockchain technology of today.

Platincoin is known to be a stable cryptocurrency. It was launched in 2016 by Switzerland-based PLC Group AG. The founder of the company is Alex Reinhardt who is the world's top-10 cryptocurrency expert. You can check it by going to

Platincoin is a long-term infrastructure project. Platincoin invests in gold and startup business projects and in the field of technology. That is why this coin is considered to be the safest and fundamentally strong.

Due to stable cryptocurrency, major fluctuations in this coin have not been seen to date. It appears to move slowly but on its own. Like in 2017, this coin started at € 0.10 which has reached € 5 today.

What is Platincoin?

  • Today Platincoin is running in more than 60 countries of the world.

  • PLC Group AG which are an authorized registered company in Switzerland and Germany. Registered under German government regulations.

  • It is running in the crypto market with gold backup (insured) and a crypto banking license by the government. Physical coins of real gold are also provided on demand.

  • Our own hybrid blockchain technology ( is considered to be the fastest in today's technology era. For this, the company has collaborated with NASA and launched its own satellite.

  • The company was launched in Berlin on 18 November 2017.

  • PLC Head Office is located in the Crypto Valley, Switzerland.

  • The Platincoin has been recognized as  3'rd generation coin by the bitcoin official website. The 3'rd Generation Coin means a decentralized program that performs fast-paced transactions. There is no cost of transaction fees as compared to today's crypto technology, it takes a tenth million part of the energy that is used for transactions. 3'rd Generation Coins are becoming highly popular due to their unusual high speed and transparency. This coin is going to play a big role in future business transactions.

How to Buy Platincoin?

From June 21, new packages have been launched by the company.

Sr. No.

Estimated Packages cost in INR

Packages cost in Euro

PLC Farm Capacity




Donation Points*



€ 110







€ 275

€ 185






€ 550







€ 1,100

€ 735






€ 1,200






€ 2,750

€ 1,850






€ 5,500







€ 6,000

€ 3,700





€ 9,975







€ 12,000

€ 7,400



*Legendary Promo offer is a limited period offer.

**After loading the full capacity of Platincoin in the PLC Farm provided in the respective package.

What is PLC Farm?

PLC Farm is a mobile application specially designed by the company for the purpose of passive earnings. This application connects directly to the blockchain and gives you 30% per annum (2.5% per month) growth on the minting of Platincoin. 

For example, if you buy a "Basic Package" of Rupees 12,000, you get a farm with 74 PLC capacity for 10 years. For all the Platincoin you have minted on this Farm, you will get coins at the rate of 2.5% per month, which you can take as profit every month. 

You get the benefit of 30% growth on the coins minted by you and 30% growth on the coins generated by the Farm. If you continue the Minting without taking profit, your coins will continue to earn compounding benefits and keep multiplying. The validity of your PLC farm is for 10 years. Just imagine how many coins you can have in the coming 10 years?

The more Platincoin you Mint, the more profit you get...!

What are the "Blockchain Places"?

As you know, blockchain technology is made from thousands of millions of blocks. Platincoin minting, Platincoin transfer, buy-sell, deposit or withdrawal, buying PLC packages, smart contracts, buying from vending machines, withdrawal from ATMs, etc can be done on the blockchain. Any type of such transaction is done in any block. There are "Transaction Fees" levied for every transaction.

The collected transaction fee will be distributed among all active blockchain place owners, in an equal distribution per month.

Earnings of Blockchain Place are estimated to be 25 Platincoin per month. According to today's Platincoin rates, this amount is 5 Euros (Rs. 12,500) per month; but it will totally depend on the cumulative transactions.

Even if your earnings are more or less, Blockchain Places will provide you earning for a lifetime. This is the best way in the world to get passive income per month.

What is a Business Node Smart Contract (BNSC)?

Business Node Smart Contract (BNSC) enables you to earn on transactions done through Platincoin, especially on charges levied for online shopping.

For example, you buy Platincoin from the exchanges. There you need to pay the "withdrawal charges". Or you are shopping online with Platincoin, you need to pay transaction charges (apart from the blockchain charges). Some part of these transaction charges has been distributed as a  BNSC.

Whatever amount of charges come to the company in a month, that amount is divided equally among all the BNSC holders.

Earning of BNSC is estimated to be 25 Platincoin per month. According to current Platincoin rates, this amount is as much as Rs 12,500 per month (approx. 25 Euro); but it will totally depend on the total amount of charges. 

What are Donation Points?

Donation points can be used for crowdfunding on the Platin Hero platform. For example, if you like a project on the Platin Hero and the number of Euros you want to invest in it, the Donation Points can be used in the ratio of "1 Euro: 1 donation point".

This means if you have 200 donation points then it costs 200 euros.


How to get Passive Income from Platincoin?

We are proud to say that over half a million users around the world are making Passive Income with us!

Platincoin is one of the best opportunities today to earn passive income.

By downloading PLC Farm and PLC Wallet Mobile Applications, you can get passive income without any hassle.

After buying the Product Packages, you get PLC FARM. Buying the Platincoin from the market, minting is to be done on PLC Farm. It is just like our kids deposit their pocket-money in "Money Bank". But keeping Platincoin on PLC Farm gives you 30% growth per annum on the coins minted.

For example, if you join this business with a package of Rs 12,000 (1200 Euro), then the company gives you a PLC FARM with a capacity of 74 PLC. If you do PLC minting on this farm then you start getting 30% growth on your minted Platincoin.

The magic of the minting is you can get 30% growth on the profit also. For example, in June 2021 you minted 1000 coins. You will get your profit of 25 PLC in July 2021. If you reinvest your 25 PLC again. You will get growth on 1025 PLC in the next month. If you reinvest your profit you can increase your coin in multiplication on PLC Farm. This PLC Farm is given to you by the company for 10 years. Meaning if you calculate for 10 years, then according to 30% growth, the number of coins you will get can be manifold. 

The monthly PLC income is generated from 30% growth or generated from Blockchain Places earnings. Either You can reinvest your earnings in the PLC Farm again and again or you can sell it on the open market and encash your profits. 

How to sell Platincoin in the Market?

Platincoin can be sold or bought under a stable currency on Europe's largest exchange You get fixed rates on this exchange. So do your registration and KYC on as soon as possible. 

You can sell Platincoin on the markets via the exchanges below!

You can sell Platincoin whenever you want on trading exchanges. You can sell platin coins even on a stock exchange like Yobit which has several million users.

Is Platincoin a Currency?

The company has installed its ATM machines in several countries where cryptocurrency is officially recognized.

In many countries, you can pay in Platincoin through POS machines. There are more than 50 lakh POS machines in the world from where you can shop by paying Platincoin.

You can also buy your favorite products from, an e-commerce website by paying Platincoin. You can use Platincoin in several vending machines.

You can consider Platincoin as a future currency. Due to this, its demand will keep increasing in the future. Platincoin's reach on the top in a span of just 4 years is considered astonishing.

Why Platincoin Rates Will Go Up in the Future?

In today's time, it is very easy to create a cryptocurrency and bring it to the market. You or I can also launch your own cryptocurrency. But until the cryptocurrency utility does not increase, its rates are impossible to increase. Most crypto coins do not have their own community, therefore not possible to get recognition in the market. 

Secrets revealed 

Continuous efforts are being made by the company to increase the use of Platincoin. The company is mainly engaged in increasing its community. More than 750,000 people around the world are using Platincoin.

The company has launched a new crowd-funding platform, Through this platform, you can invest in many startup businesses by using Platincoin and can get good profits.

Every effort is being made to establish Platincoin as a usable currency.

There are many reasons that can the rate of Platincoin increases in manifold in the future. As far as I understand, many other reasons are given below. Just think of your own discretion-

Collecting thousands of Crypto coins is not enough! Here you will be able to get growth in coins and growth in rates. As you can see, in 2017 this coin started from €0.10 which has reached €5 today. Can you guess how far Platincoin's rate can go in the coming 10 years?

The company is increasing its infrastructure every few months. Due to the vast use of blockchain technology in the coming time, the use of all virtual currencies is increasing in a big way. Scholars like the CEO of Binance believe that, in the coming times, Blockchain technology will be bigger than the Internet.

Think over it! The Platincoin that you are getting today for € 5, will still be available for € 5 in the coming 10 years? Check the previous data. Platincoin rates grew 50 times from the initial price. Not at all, because the number of coins is limited and its demand will keep on increasing. 

Another important reason for rates of Platincoin to rise in the future could be its holding capacity!

People will hold Platincoin on Farm. Because we are looking at it from the point of view of long-term investment. Increased holding capacity, and less available quantity. With the mismatch between the demand and supply ratio here, its rates are expected to increase manifold in the future.

What is CryptoCurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies that use digital files in exchange of cash money. This currency is being used on a large scale throughout the world for business transactions. In reality, the reason behind the idea of ​​using this currency was that there should be no mediator in the business transaction. Such as banks or governments.

Due to the absence of a mediator, money can be transacted at a fast pace, and transactions can be done in a more secure and transparent manner through digital files. The popularity and utility of cryptocurrency are increasing due to its characteristics.

In this article, we have only discussed passive income. By the way, the working income or active income is also very big, which can fulfill all the dreams we have seen. You can also promote this business globally.

So far, more than 1000 diamonds have been made in Platincoin. In India alone, there can be more than 1000 people who can get Diamond rank in the coming few months. Who will get an opportunity to be part of the meeting to be held in Dubai in March 2021.
You can also take advantage of both active income and passive income. So don't miss this chance!

For more information contact us


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Disclaimer: Investment in virtual currency/cryptocurrency can be risky. can not and would not take any responsibility for any monetary losses that occurred due to this article. Join on your own responsibility.

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