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Greatest opportunity to start your own business in just Rs. 1860!

क्या हैं  SSP 30 और यह  हेल्थ के साथ वेल्थ कैसे प्रदान करता हैं?

SUPER SUPPLEMENT POWER-30 (SSP 30) is a health product created by using modern technology. Thousands of people are enjoying healthy and happy life by using this product.

This product has been prepared by practicing the root cause of diseases occurring in today's time. Most of the diseases are related to our lifestyle.

Toxic substances, air pollution, polluted water, and climate change are rapidly damaging the human body's muscles. Due to these consequences, our body needs SSP30. We must first understand it!

As we know, the body of all beings has the ability to self-heal. But in today's era, the self-healing ability of our body has reduced very much.

According to the WHO, the weak self-healing power of the body is also considered to be a major reason for the increase in deaths due to some diseases.

Top 5 causes of deaths in 2019, according to WHO

  • Cardiovascular Diseases. The number of deaths: 17.65 million. Share of deaths in %: 32.26
  • Cancers. The number of deaths: 8.93 million, Share of deaths in %: 16.32%
  • Respiratory Disease. The number of deaths: 3.54 million. Share of deaths in %: 6.48%
  • Diabetes, Blood, and Endocrine Disease. The number of deaths: 3.19 million. Share of deaths in %: 5.83%
  • Dementia. The number of deaths: 2.38 million. Share of deaths in %: 4.36%

What can be the reason for the increasing evidence of heart disease, diabetes, cancer?

1. Damage from outside the body:

Things like climate change, pollution is damaging our body from outside. Our cells are becoming damaged due to external influences. For more information, read our article Climate Change and its Impact on Human Health.

Oxygen, which is most important for our life, starts a process like rust in our cells. Oxidation is the fatal result of oxygen on our bodies. If not prevented from rusting at the right time, it also consumes iron. The same effect is happening on our daily diet of fruits and vegetables, then how can our body cells remain untouched by it?

Because of this, we are rapidly moving towards old age. We can see this external change, but we are not capable to see the internal consequences.

Chemical mixed fruits and vegetables are causing oxidation effect on our daily diet, then how can the cells of our body remain untouched from these consequences?

Due to oxidation, we start feeling old age more than the real age. We can see this external change, but we cannot see the ill effects from inside the body.

2. Internal damage to the body

Our eating habits, unlimited use of chemicals and pesticides on fruits and vegetables, polluted water, micro-plastic in our daily food, etc. are harming our bodies from the inside. Evidence of damaged cells is increasing due to a lack of nutrition in the body.

More than 80% of drinking water in India is also severely polluted. Because chemical water and waste from the industries are being dumped in our rivers and ponds.

As a result, we are facing many diseases and including many untimely deaths. This process is also called Free Radicals Damage or Oxidative Stress. 

Due to free radicals, cancer, Alzheimer's disease (amnesia), Parkinson's disease (tremor in the body part), Diabetes, Cardiovascular conditions (heart diseases), high blood pressure, Atherosclerosis. (Blockage of blood vessels), Stroke, Inflammatory Disorders, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Asthma, Male Infertility,  etc. The number of diseases is increasing day by day. 

What are the remedies?

क्या हैं  SSP 30 और यह  हेल्थ के साथ वेल्थ कैसे प्रदान करता हैं?

Our first choice is allopathy in warding off diseases. However, allopathic medicines also have a bad effect on your health. However, remedies such as Ayurvedic, Homeopathy, Magnetic therapy are not found to have bad effects.

If you want to get rid of harmful medicines of allopathy, then you have to use natural processed products like SSP 30!

What is SSP 30 and how does it provide wealth with health?

SSP 30: How To Make Yourself Healthy And Wealthy

Super Supplement Power-30 (SSP 30) is a Natural Immunity Booster made up of 30 natural ingredients that help to keep you away from many diseases. Yes, friends, there are many people who have been successful to keep their lives away from diseases by using SSP-30.

SSP-30 is antioxidants, Antibacterial, Antiviral, Anti-allergic, Antifungal, Anti-inflammatory, Antipyretic, Antidepressant, Antidiabetic, Antiulcer, Anticancer, Antiaging, Antiposmodic, etc. have been shown to be beneficial for the human body. SSP 30 is proving to be effective to save us from 99% of lifestyle diseases. 

Benefits of SSP 30

  • SSP 30  Supports Liver Health
  • SSP 30 Supports Digestion
  • SSP 30 Increases Blood Platelet Production
  • SSP 30 May Prevent Stomach Ulcers
  • SSP 30 Helps in reducing the symptoms of Viral Fever
  • SSP 30 Beneficial in reducing bronchitis, bronchial asthma
  • SSP 30 Balances hormones and lowers stress
  • SSP 30 bits of help in relieving from cold, cough, flu, and chest congestion
  • SSP 30 Acts as a detoxifying, cleansing, and purifying agent
  • SSP 30 Effective Against Anemia

SSP 30: How To Make Yourself Healthy And Wealthy

आपको करना क्या हैं?

The BEST and economical product

Price 1860/-  Only

Despite SSP 30 is a great and result-oriented product, it is quite easy for all of us to use. Because its price is in every person's budget. For this reason, you can easily earn thousands of rupees per day by referring this product to any needy person and that too without taking any investment or risk!

There are many better products available in the world; but the fact is that most of the quality products are expensive, people cannot afford them. But there is something else about the SSP 30. 

Buy SSP 30 product and use it! After using, you should try the product results. Your product experience will increase your own confidence because you know SSP-30 has great results on several diseases.

You just have to share your experience with people. "USE THE PRODUCT AND TELL THE STORY", according to this sentence, your business will be sky high in no time and all the dreams you have seen will be fulfilled the complete business plan and presentation in the video below.

Salient Features SSP 30 Business...!

This business is not less than a boon for you in this bad time of the Corona epidemic. If you want, you can find solutions to your own financial problems.

For more information, click on the link to the article "How to Survive in the Economic Crisis" written by us.

If you still have any confusion about this business, then we have prepared a training guide on "How to Earn Unlimited money through the SSP 30 business". You can also promote & develop SSP 30 business by reading this training guide.

For more information contact us 

8766522834, 8777736914

(केवल WhatsApp)

Contents of SSP 30?

Sr. No.



Benefits for Health



SSP30 Is a Combination of Salvia Romarinus Extract It’s A Rich Source Of Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, Antimicrobial,




A Hair Health,

Helps With Migraines,

Improves Blood Glow,

Improve Memory,

Kidney Health,

Respiratory Health.

It's A Natural Immunity System Booster



Mineral Pitch its Rich Source of Mineral. Know as Asphaltum The chemical composition of Shilajit {Asphltum} is very complex. It is a Phyto complex. which contains HUMIC SUBSTANCES (HS) like FULVIC ACID.

Primary Actions Alternative/rejuvenate agent

Nervine tonic

General Supplement

Antilithiatic (Stop formation of stones in the kidney)

Antipyretic (also reduces and prevents restlessness and

body aches in fever )

Anti-obesity / Anti-diabetic

Cardioprotective Appetizer /Digestives.

Blood detoxifier Bio-cleanser.



Mucuna Pruriens is tropical also known as velvet bean. It's a Rich Source of Vitamin B12 In herbal medicine and Ayurveda, Mucuna has been used for thousands of

years as a remedy for male infertility, nervous disorders,

Parkinson's disease and as an aphrodisiac. Potential Health Benefit of Mucuna Pruriens:

Potential Health Benefit of Mucuna Pruriens:

Parkinson s Disease

Male Infertility

Effects on Parasites and Microbes

High Prolactin Levels (Linked to infertility)

ADHD (It's well-known that dopamine is important for focus

Mood and Mental Health, Stress (Linked to infertility), Diabetes, Sleep, Skin Health.



The main constituents of grape seeds are reported to be phenolic compounds and standardized grape seed extracts are reported to contain 92- 95% oligomeric proanthocyanidins.

Grape skin extract contains anthocyanins, tartaric acid, tannins, and minerals.

Regulation of cholesterol and blood pressure,

Promoting your body defenses against cancer.

This supplement richness in antioxidants is another positive

Attribute free radicals.

Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Extract contains a high concentration

of plant flavonoids and Polyphenols.



Anti-inflammatory and has

Wound healing properties.



Its mother nature's most powerful antioxidant Source. Astaxanthin supplements describe in ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity: 28,22200.

Astaxanthin has Exceptional Antioxidant activity to fight Singlet oxygen When Compared to Another antioxidant.

500 Times Stronger than Vitamin E

560 times stronger than Green Tea

800 times stronger than CoQ 10

3000 times stronger than Reveratrol

6000 times stronger than Vitamin C

Clinical Benefits of Astaxanthin

Keeps Strong Immunity System.

Rich Source of Carotenoids, that helps Re-energize

your cells

help to restore blood vessel

Dilation and construction.

Helps to reduce Tumor Growth.

Helps to reduce Cancer

Cell Growth

It helps for Cardiovascular




What is Zeaxanthin?

Zeaxanthin (pronounced zee- ah -ZAN-thin)

Is a yellow Antioxidant pigment that gives

many fruits and vegetables their characteristic color and test. It is a distinguishing

pigment in sweet com, saffron, orange,

orange-colored peppers. tangerines and

egg yolks, as well as in a number of fruits and vegetables

in which the yellow color Imparted by zeaxanthin is much more subtle. These zeaxanthin foods include paprika goji berries, turnip greens kale, collard greens. romanine lettuce, zucchini, kiwifruit, English peas,

- Lutein is a xanthophyll carotenoid one of about 600 natural Carocenoids It is a red/orange crystalloid substance that is unsolvable in water and has a melting point of 0 0 190 C(374 F). Lutein in vegetable exits in the transform: however, cis-lutein has been described. In food substances, lutein may exit in the free or esterified from, or bound to protein.

Zeaxanthin & Lutein is essential to eyesight. In Retina.




It is a rich source of three Powerful antioxidants (vitamin C, Vitamin A, and vitamin E).minerals (magnesium and potassium ), Vitamin B folate, and fiber. Papaya leaves have several vitamins and minerals in Significant amount, it is low in calories, and has an enzyme that is useful in tenderizing meat.

The leaves have been rich in their medicinal uses and have been documented in the literature for their use by natives of parts of the world for their anti-inflammatory,

Anti Tumour, Antidiabetic, Beneficial of Carica papaya leaves in curing the dengue Infected patients.

The leaves also contain active components such as Papin, It increases the antioxidant power in the blood, Reduce lipid pre antioxidant level,  Papaya leaves also contains vitamins (vitamin A and B Especially B12), It Provides Minerals, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, 

Potassium, Manganese & Iron.




Moringa oleifera Is Worlds Most Very Nutritious Tree

Moringa oleifera is a fairly large tree native to India. it Helps with more than three hundred diseases

Moringa Oleifera Extracts Contains

More than 200 Nutrients.

Contains Poppies S3.

Antioxidant. Vitanmin B1,B2,B3,B6,B7, A ,C K, E, D, Amino Acid Threonine.

71 Antimicrobial/biocidal benefits.

12 Anti Cancer properties.

18 Circulatory, Endocrine Disorder.

13 Digestives Disorder.

8 Detoxification.

5 Anti-Inflammation.

7 Nervous Disorder.

8 Skin disorder.



It May help to increase the absorption of nutrients in the intestine, more than 300 times which could help treat malnutrition and condition involving the malabsorption of nutrients. Some of the nutrients listed in an article published in the journal of Ayurveda

Integrative medicine that were better absorbed

included: Selenium, Vitamin C, Beta-carolent, Vitamin A, Vitamin B-6, Coenzyme Q.

एक से बढ़कर एक नैसर्गिक तत्वों से SSP 30 को बनाया गया हैं. 

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