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Block Aura (TBAC) Vs. ApeJet: Which Token Is Better for Cryptocurrency Investment?


Technical Analysis of ApeJet & Block Aura (TBAC) Token

Block Aura (TBAC) Vs. ApeJet: Which Token Is Better for Cryptocurrency Investment?


Block Aura (TBAC): Liquidity?

Having a liquidity lock is considered a very important analysis for any cryptocurrency token. Let's Know everything about the liquidity of Block Aura (TBAC). 

Block Aura (TBAC) Vs. ApeJet: Which Token Is Better for Cryptocurrency Investment?

The liquidity of Block Aura (TBAC) tokens is unlocked. (See the screenshot given above) Which is not a good sign for investors at all. Being locked in liquidity is considered a better sign for cryptocurrency investors.

The percentage of liquidity of Block Aura (TBAC) is also very low. The overall percentage of top-5 holders is around 60%. Block Aura (TBAC) token cannot be considered safe in terms of liquidity, due to which there is a high chance of Rug Pull (Cryptocurrency scam) happening in it.

Block Aura (TBAC) की लिक्विडिटी के बारे में अधिक जानने के लिए यहां क्लिक कीजिये. 

ApeJet Token: Liquidity?

Block Aura (TBAC) Vs. ApeJet: Which Token Is Better for Cryptocurrency Investment?

ApeJet Token has 99.79% "burned" liquidity. (See the screenshot given above). Liquidity  "burned" means this liquidity can never be removed by anyone. The liquidity of any token being “burned” is considered a good sign for crypto investors as it reduces the soft-rug risk (risk of getting scammed). 

To check whether the liquidity is "burned" or not, click on this link and check the holders. In which you will see a null wallet. Or there is such a wallet from which no one can withdraw liquidity. Because null wallets have no owner and they are dead wallets.

Conclusion: In terms of liquidity, ApeJet Tokens can be considered much more transparent and safe for crypto investors, than Block Aura (RBAC) tokens. 

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Block Aura (TBAC): How much is Dev Wallet Holding?

Dev Wallet Holding is considered an important criterion to check the reliability of tokens created especially on the Binance Smart Chain. The fewer tokens that are held in the Dev Wallet, the more it is considered to be reliable.

When we check the Dev Wallet holdings of Block Aura (TBAC), more than 25% of the tokens (4,52,617) are held in a single wallet. The total supply of Block Aura (TBAC) 18,00,000. That is, the token held in a wallet completely questions the credibility of this token.

Immediately after the creation of a smart contract, all tokens from Dev Wallet were transferred to one wallet; this wallet still holds more than 25% tokens. Which can spoil the demand and supply ratio of Block Aura (TBAC) anytime. That's why there are more chances of getting Block Aura (TBAC) Rug pull. (See screenshot below). Click on the link for more information.

Block Aura (TBAC) Vs. ApeJet: Which Token Is Better for Cryptocurrency Investment?

Rug Pull Meaning: It's a new type of scam involving cryptocurrency. The name comes from the expression “pulling the rug out.” Remove all support and assistance, usually suddenly.

That's why TBAC token rates have been quite volatile. You can get more info from the price chart. (Click here for TBAC Token Price Chart)

ApeJet Token: How Much Are Dev Wallet Holdings?

The Dev Wallet holding of ApeJet Token is absolutely zero. (See the screenshot given below).

Block Aura (TBAC) Vs. ApeJet: Which Token Is Better for Cryptocurrency Investment?

83% of the ApeJet tokens (top-50 wallet holdings) are in smart contracts and these tokens will remain locked until 2030. Only 460 tokens are unlocked per month. This will help to maintain demand is high and supply is low, that's why its rates are less chances to fall at a fast pace. This thing is very positive for the investors of this token. Click on the link for more information.

Conclusion: ApeJet Token can be considered very safe from the perspective of Dev Wallet Holding. Block Aura (TBAC) has not locked a single token at all and investing in this token can prove to be risky for investors. 

अधिक जानकारी के लिए संपर्क करें- 8830263380 (WhatsApp only)


Is Minting of TBAC Token possible?

Changes can be made to the Block Aura (TBAC) smart contract. One form of the same change can also be the minting of a new token.

Any smart contract can be considered 100% decentralized only if there is no owner of that smart contract. But the owner of the smart contract of Block Aura (TBAC) is an individual and he can make changes in this smart contract whenever and as he wants.

Due to this, the fear of being a scam remains intact. (see the screenshot given below)

Block Aura (TBAC) Vs. ApeJet: Which Token Is Better for Cryptocurrency Investment?

It has always been possible to mint most of the Cryptocurrency Token promoted through MLM. Minting of a token has been the main reason for getting MLM scams. 

Meeting simply means creating new tokens. This is how cryptocurrency is manipulated in most MLM businesses. There is always the possibility of creating new tokens in a smart contract as an individual is an owner.

Total supply has something else to show you, but the number of tokens will likely to increase at any time. By creating a sale (or swap) of a large number of tokens, there is a possibility of profit booking by the smart contract owner. Due to this most of the MLMs have been seen as emerging as cryptocurrency scams.

अधिक जानकारी के लिए संपर्क करें- 8830263380 (WhatsApp only)

Is Minting of ApeJet Token possible?

Minting of ApeJet Token is not possible as the owner of the smart contract is not a person, here is a null or dead wallet is the owner of smart contract. This is such a wallet that no one can open or use it again. Till date there is no technology invented to use these type of wallet. 

Block Aura (TBAC) Vs. ApeJet: Which Token Is Better for Cryptocurrency Investment?

This is one of the reasons that even the person who created the ApeJet Token smart contract, cannot change/modify/delete it. That is why it is not possible to have a minting of new tokens, nor can the demand and supply ratio of ApeJet tokens deteriorate in the future. Click on this link to read the smart contract and then decide.

Conclusion: ApeJet token cannot be regenerated due to no one being the owner of the smart contract, hence these tokens are safe for investment, But Block Aura (TBAC) is likely to be mint and it is not at all safe for investment. 

A guess: ApeJet or Block Aura (TBAC), Whose rates could skyrocket?

It is not so easy to skyrocket the rates of any cryptocurrency. Despite having thousands of tokens in cryptocurrency market, only a few selected coins or tokens are able to give good returns.

Transparency helps to increase investor's confidence. Then there are utility, technology and demand-supply ratio. It is too early to discuss the utility and technology of a new token. Because the future of any token depends on the demand supply ratio.

Block Aura (TBAC) has many flaws in the matter of proper management of demand supply. Most of its supply is unlocked and is in a single wallet which can disturb its demand-supply ratio.

That's why the increased rates of Block Aura (TBAC) tokens can only possible because of it's pyramid scheme model. It would be wrong to consider it as organic growth. As the money incoming from the pyramid scheme decreases, the risk of it getting rug pull will increase.

ApeJet Tokens are locked on DxLock. By 2030, these tokens will continue to be unlocked at the rate of 460 tokens per month. So its supply will be limited and its demand will continue to increase through referral program. That is why the rates of ApeJet Token are likely to increase significantly in the coming times.

Click on this link to view Lock Token of ApeJet...! Enter ApeJet's smart-contract address after clicking on Token Lockers...!

अधिक जानकारी के लिए संपर्क करें- 8830263380 (WhatsApp only)

Jai Hind!

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