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amazon forest animals


We are losing species,

we do not even know about it…

amazon forest rain

The Amazon is the largest rain forest in the world, these forests that grow from this natural rain forest receive 6 months of rain a year. These forests are so dense that in many places sunlight does not even see the ground.


Around 20 percent of the total oxygen produced by plants in the world is given by the plants grown from these forests.

These forests make their precious contribution to balance the amount of oxygen in the earth naturally. That is why these forests are probably called the lungs of the world. The share of biodiversity found here is 10% of the whole world. That is why the Amazon forests are known as the heritage of the Earth.

But from the last few years, due to the criminal activity and the greedy attitude of humans, these natural treasures are in danger. These days, many heartbreaking pictures of dead wild birds and animals are being shared on social media. These are very sad for any animal lover.
Image source Twitter

In the last fortnight, more than ten thousand incidents of fierce fire have been reported in the Amazon jungles, spread in different countries. Till now thousands of birds, animals, and rare plants have been burnt to ashes in the fire.
Image source Twitter
Image source Twitter

The fire has caused smoke in the Amazon territories and on the cities of Brazil's Rodania and São Paulo. Brazil suffered the most damage from the fire, causing the fire to reach the city of São Paulo, 2700 kilometers away, and there was a dark empire in the afternoon.
Image source NASA

By the way, the Amazon forests are dry from July to October, and fire is a common thing in such dry season. In these months, thousands of fire incidents occur and they are terrible and smoke spreads far and wide.

But this year has seen a significant increase in the amount of fire. Compared to the last year 2018, 80% more fire incidents have been reported this year, which is a record.

According to the World Meteorological Organization, a fire in these forests in the northwest has spread smoke thousands of kilometers off the Atlantic coast to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The weather was getting darker in many cities. Brazil, as well as the regions of Bolivia and Peru, have been affected by this smoke.

These fires are moving beyond 1.5 square feet per minute. Just imagine how terrible fire is this!

INPE, a Brazilian research institute, began collecting information about fires in the Amazon forests. According to data from INPE, the figures of fire that have been reported in a few years, more than half of these incidents occurred in the Amazon jungle within the Brazilian border alone.

The issue of protecting Amazon rainforests has been raised by environmental organizations for many years. Issues such as fire, illegal cutting of trees are constantly hurting this forest, but the Brazilian government ignored these complaints and continued to grant permits for industrialization.

This incident of Amazon forest fire is being attributed to the Brazilian government, but the Brazilian government has blamed the NGO for this. The Prime Minister of Brazil accuses the NGO that they are working for money only.

Based on the facts, it can be said that the Brazilian government is not taking them seriously even after repeated warnings by environmental organizations. A major reason for this is that members of Mercosur (Southern Common Market), which includes a trade agreement formed by Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay, and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein.

The forests were cut unlimited and ground level to produce soybeans, coffee beans, and mining of Aluminum Oxides and Hydroxides, precious metal such as Gold.

Under this agreement, in the year 2016, Brazil exported 1.8 billion dollars. The pressure of the European Union is very important behind ignoring the suggestions of environmental organizations.

No matter who is responsible, the damage is only to the biological prosperity of Amazon and the hundreds of tribal species that live there.

If this trend continues, then in the coming few years, it can prove very dangerous for the environment of the Earth, as a result of which the species of the entire world can be threatened.

The fires that destroy the Amazon rainforest are not only shocking, but they are an international disaster. We all need to come forward to bring them under control and to save the biggest wonders of the earth.

Long live Amazon!

Amazon Forest Video

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