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During Corona Times Let's Clear the Air with 'WeSafe PRO' to Save your Future

Right disinfecting & sanitizing processes are more significant than ever. With the rising cases of Novel Corona in India, Air Sterilization and maintaining the humidity level is no longer a hassle now as has introduced the most advanced Air Sterilization and Ultrasonic Humidifier which meets the government guidelines to keep the humidity level between 40-70% in the indoors.
WeSafe PRO
According to Mr. Karan Sethi, Director of WeSafe PRO, "WeSafe PRO is one of its kind of most advanced technology available in India. The product helps you combat the spread of COVID-19 and other pathogens to keep your employees, your customers, and your communities safe. The Air sterilizing atomizer uses the principle of 1.7 million high-frequency oscillations per second generated by ultrasound to atomizing water or atomizing hypochlorous acid disinfectant into 1-5 micron ultra-micro particles and then diffused into the Air by a pneumatic device to achieve the purpose of uniform humidification, dis-infection and purification of the Air. The indoor AC makes the air dry and in such environment viruses spread rapidly. As per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a humidifier could help you do just that. The CDC says that humidifiers - besides keeping your home cosy and comfortable - can also help relieve symptoms of the coronavirus like a sore throat and cough. WeSafe PRO not only maintains a perfect humidity level but also sterilize the Air at the same time. The WeSafe PRO Ultrasonic Humidifier is a CE certified imported product assembled in India and comes with 1-year warranty."
This Office and Home Sanitizer Machine work for 10-12 hours continuously. WeSafe PRO also doesnt make a hole in your pocket, as you dont need to add any expensive liquid disinfectant. Adding water can helps in eliminating Airborne Flu viruses from the Air. WeSafe PRO the most pocket-friendly air sanitizer and humidifier help you to fight the Coronavirus while working in the commercial spaces. This Sanitizing Machine is ideal for Salons, Spa, Offices, Banks, Restaurants and Malls. You can add diluted hypochlorous acid into water. But be sure to refer to US hypochlorite Standards. The recommended dilution ratio is 1:50-250. (around 10-25ppm). Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is the perfect weapon to fight germs. It hits hard against pathogens like Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Yet this powerful weapon is 100% safe for humans, chemical-free, non-toxic and all-natural.
The tank size of the WeSafe PRO ultrasonic Humidifier is 12 Litres, and the output is 1L per hour on mid mist setting. It will run for 10-12 hours continuously without any refill. WeSafe PRO, if kept in the centre of an open area it can cover up to 800-1000 sqft space. The product is priced at Rs. 16,500/- taxes extra and can be bought from
Price: Rs. 16,500/- +GST extra
Available at:, Call: 9910177111.

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