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Time to Rebuild Economy, says e-Trio Founder Sathya Yalamanchili

Sathya Yalamanchili Founder of e-Trio Automobiles shares his views on how to control death rate, work towards economic growth, and maintain sanity amidst pandemic. At a time where Coronavirus, popularly known as COVID-19 has put millions of lives in danger, the lockdown to flatten the curve has led to great economic losses in almost all sectors of the country.

Sathya Yalamanchili - Founder and Investor of e-Trio Automobiles

Sharing his views on effective measures that can be help of in the economic growth, Founder of e-Trio Automobiles, Sathya Yalamanchili whose company has also been part of the hit by the pandemic, said, "We should have worked on demarcating more isolation centers/areas across the country while allowing healthy individuals between the age 20 and 50 years old, to work on supporting the economy with proper precautions."
He further adds, "In India, approximately 66% of the population is between the age group of 15 and 60 years old. We should focus on rebuilding the economy faster and work towards herd immunity. Working towards developing better immunity and following all safety precautions with common sense, we will pass through this turbulence in less than two months."

Sathya Yalamanchili also says, "The goal should be to keep the death rate in control by having high-quality isolation and medical centers and practicing social distancing as far as we can while working with good hygiene."
India is also one of the largest labor dependent countries, and salaries have been affected during this crisis. The social imbalance is the highest among this category of employees, which also lead to migrants moving from their work towns back to home towns.

As per the package is concerned from a manufacturer's perspective, "It could have been a specific, simplified package with direct support from the government keeping the current crisis in mind. Ideas include assistance in salaries for the last leg of employees, reduction in GST, and incentives for local manufacturing of products, which previously used to be highly imported."

Though we lack behind in some sections, the Telangana government has done a great job in terms of providing special assistance to containment zones as well as high-quality care at isolation centers in Hyderabad.

About e-Trio

At e-Trio, we realize that electric vehicles will be the most preferred automobiles shortly due to the carbon footprint released by conventional vehicles. While everyone is busy breaking their banks to buy brand new cars, we stress the ease of converting their existing cars in India as an affordable and efficient alternative to putting a brand new car on the road.
As a result of 3 years of hardcore research, we have evolved as the best electric car manufacturer in India capable of designing solutions to any vehicle. Unlike traditional vehicle manufacturing companies, we integrate resources to create, built, and sell the best electric cars in India. Our eco-friendly services of retrofitting existing cars with our proven electric kits are designed with the view to save the environment and conserve our resources - all while looking aesthetically pleasing and becoming solutions to a varied range of requirements. Thus bringing dependable and affordable electric cars in India with faster speed and less investment.

About Sathya Yalamanchili

Founded e-Trio Automobiles and continues to oversee the company's product strategy including the design, engineering, and manufacturing of affordable electric vehicles for India. Cars have fascinated him, since time immemorial. Graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from Hyderabad leading University, he pursued his executive management program from Harvard. His experience and focus is primarily in the areas of Strategy & Finance. Being a seed investor in a vast number of companies, his leadership skills perfectly blend with his vision of decarbonizing India.

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