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QuiAri MLM Business: Where Your Dreams Comes True

QuiAri MLM Business: Where Your Dreams Comes True

As you know, if you want to earn money in network marketing (multi-level marketing) business, then it is very important to have a high-quality product. On the better product or product research in network marketing, we have written on the importance of the product in our previously published article Network Marketing: A Career Opportunity Part-2

But it is not just about the product. Are you making real money in network marketing?

Because to get success in network marketing, we need strong 'Product' with superb Business Plan and strong Persons who controlling the company. If anyone of these 'P' is weak then you cannot be successful in network marketing.

Product (World-class ProductBusiness Plan (Superb Business Plan+ Person (Persons who take over the reins of the company)

All these three P's together are not less than a lottery for you. One such Business Plan has just started in India.

After seeing the great products and plans of this USA based company, I felt that my search for a perfect network marketing might have ended by coming here.

Yes friends, perhaps this kind of search must not have been done by me alone, but crores of people like me who were running behind their dreams, the search of all will probably end here, I can say definitely.

What is QuiAri MLM Business?

I would only say that QuiAri is a business that can turn dreams into reality. For years, millions of people like you and me were in search of a better MLM opportunity. Read this article completely, I claim that you too will definitely see your dreams fulfilled.

When a multinational MLM company like QuiAri launches to the market with a patented product and a world-class business plan, you will know about the uproar in the coming time. But my opinion and wishes are that you too join in this uproar. In just a few months you will see your dreams come true.  

Why QuiAri business?

  • Your entry into the world's largest health and wellness industry will be done through QuiAry. According to a report released on 9 February 2020, the value of the Global Smart Health Care Product Market was set at US $35.55 billion in 2018, which will increase to 69.68 billion US Dollars by 2026 in the next 6 years. It means compared to 2018, it will double in the coming few years.
  • Whether you are Employed, Jobless, or recently lost your job due to a coronavirus crisis or facing difficulties to run your business in lockdown. Either you are a housewife or a student, these things do not matter. Everyone who dreams of doing something, this business is for you. It is a global home-based business. 
  • This business can run daily 24 hours in more than 200 countries. Through your personalized website, or by using some promotional tools you can promote this business anywhere. 
  • Patented, unique, powerful, and result-oriented products. 
  • A great business plan offers payouts in just 5 minutes.
  • Zero Liability Business. Earn unlimited money and people's blessings. 

Let us understand QuiAri business  

  1. QuiAri Company Profile click here to read more
  2. QuiAri Products click here to read more
  3. QuiAri Business Plan click here to read more

QuiAri Company Profile 

QuiAri is a Florida, USA based network marketing company known for its superior products in the health and wellness industry. It started in more than 200 countries simultaneously on 1 October 2019. Now the arrival of this company is going to happen in India. The company's office in India is starting in Mumbai.

The QuiAri world-class management team is being successful in making the company better in less time. If there is better management then a top class business can stand. Let's know about the QuiAri Management Team.

Bob Reina

CEO & Founder

QuiAri MLM Business: Where Your Dreams Comes True

Bob Reina started his career with the police department. In 1990, Bob started a network marketing business. He continued network marketing while taking up the job. He did a lot on the strength of ethics and hard work in the network marketing field. After this, his journey as an entrepreneur started touching the sky.

In 2004, he started Talk Fusion. He spread this company in more than 140 countries. Through this company, he helped many people through social work apart from his entrepreneurial career. Bob always inspired many people to fulfill their dreams through his profession.

This tremendous ambition of Bob started QuiAri in more than 200 countries simultaneously in October 2019. Due to Bob's experience, QuiAri spread like wildfire in the network marketing industry within a very short time span. Today, many people like us are seeing our dream in QuiAri because of Bob's vision, which appears in the tremendous product and business plans.

Susie Reina


QuiAri MLM Business: Where Your Dreams Comes True

Susie has made her mark as a strong leader, gaining experience as a successful Vice President of a global technology network marketing company. She has experience in the direct selling industry for 21 years. 

John Neubauer

Chief Operating Officer

QuiAri MLM Business: Where Your Dreams Comes True

John Neubour is a well-known relationship marketing expert. He has previously worked on management positions in several multi-billion dollar companies. At Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu International Company, he has served as Corporate Finance Incharge.

John has also worked on a topmost post in a network marketing company like Herbalife. John has played an important role in taking this company to new heights.

John's experience and amazing way of working is proving to be very effective in helping QuiAri reach new heights.

Dr. Juan Hancke

Scientific Advisor

QuiAri MLM Business: Where Your Dreams Comes True

Dr. Juan QuiAri is a Scientific Advisor at the company. Dr. Juan is an expert in the world-famous fruit named maqui berry. Dr. Juan received his postdoctoral from the Max Planck Institute in Göttingen, Germany, and the School of Medicine in Hannover, Germany.

Dr. Hanke was given a $ 5 million grant by the World Health Organization (WHO) to study the extraordinary benefits of maqui berry. 

The findings of their research developed our patented MaquiX ™ formula and are currently being used in QuiAri products. This formula has made QuiAri's products world-class.

QuiAri Products

QuiAri MLM Business: Where Your Dreams Comes True

A single product can prevent many diseases in your body.

Tremendous product, tremendous results ... 

Maqui berry (Aristotelia chilensis) is a fruit that grows in the forests of South America.

It has been used mainly by the original Mapuche Indians of Chile. These people have been using leaves, stems, and fruits of maqui berry as a medicine for thousands of years.

Today, maqui berry is a well-known "superfruit" due to its high antioxidant properties and potential health benefits. 

Maqui berry is the world's most effective anti-oxidant and has been found to be effective in chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease. Maqui berry has the highest ORAC value (27,600 / 100 ml), which is higher than many other super fruits (Acai Berry 16,700).

QuiAri MLM Business: Where Your Dreams Comes True

QuiAri's 90-Day Kickstart Challenge

QuiAri Products Features

QuiAri has just launched 2 types of products. Both products also use 5 times more anti-oxidant Maqui berry.

Formula made by world-famous Maqui Expert Dr. Juan. MaquiX™ Super Concentrated Formula that increases the capacity of Maqui Berry 10 times. 

QuiAri MLM Business: Where Your Dreams Comes True

Product#1: QuiAri Shake 

QuiAri MLM Business: Where Your Dreams Comes True

QuiAri shake is known for its amazing taste. Your body gets 120 calories by drinking it once. It contains MaquiX™ formula, antioxidants, superfoods, protein, fiber, and 24 essential vitamins and minerals. It is a sugar-free shake, which includes natural colors and preservatives. 

Key ingredients are Maqui extract, cocoa powder, spinach leaf powder, chlorella, broccoli sprout extract, spirulina, soy protein, etc. 
  • The intake of QuiAry Shake burns fats & lose your weight dramatically
  • It reduces appetite.
  • Being anti-aging always gives freshness and energy experience. 
  • It naturally maintains your blood sugar. 
  • Strengthen your cardiovascular system. Keep away heart disease. 
  • Keep your eyes healthy.

Product#2: QuiAri Energy Tablets

QuiAri MLM Business: Where Your Dreams Comes True

QuiAri Energy tablets are made from the powerful MaquiX™ blend.

It is a tremendous result-oriented antioxidant that is able to protect the body from all kinds of diseases. By consuming only 2 tablets, you will start feeling good changes in your body, yes many people have experienced this. Click here to know, what are the anti-oxidants, and why we need it. 

Due to the fast result, this product is going to make a splash in the health industry in the coming period.

QuiAri Energy has proved to be very effective in all major diseases. like- 

Blood Pressure
Heart diseases and maintain cholesterol level
Migraine, fatigue
Rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, joint pain, back pain, body pain, weak bones, osteoporosis, cervical
Sexual problem, impotence, fertility, helpful in increasing semen number
Gangrene, chronic wound, 
Skin diseases, psoriasis, leucoderma, allergy, canker
Kidney diseases, urine stone
Piles / Fissure, Ulcer
Acidity, Gastritis, Colitis
Respiratory diseases, Digestive disorders
Anti-aging, Wrinkle reduction, Concentration
Increases energy, strength and endurance
Epilepsy, Insomnia, anemia, psychotic stress
Any type of liver disease
For smokers/tobacco, liquor consuming
Alzheimer's, Parkinson's Disease
Cough, prostate, sinus
Stomach gas
Burning feet
All type of Eye disease.
Leucorrhoea, menstrual disorder, fertility 
Filaria, hair loss
Insanity, weak memory

Products Packages

How To Join QuiAri?

Joining is absolutely free in this business. Click here for free joining

All you have to do is buy any package of at least 50 SV from given below. 

Sales Volume
QuiAri Shake Vanilla
28 Serving Bag
$80.00 USD
Import Fee
$26.00 USD
$14.40 USD
$120.40 USD
14 Single Serve Packets
42 USD
Import Fee
16.5 USD
7.56 USD
66.06 USD
QuiAri Shake Chocolate
28 Serving Bag
$80.00 USD
Import Fee
$26.00 USD
$14.40 USD
$120.40 USD
14 Single Serve Packets
42 USD
Import Fee
16.5 USD
7.56 USD
66.06 USD
QuiAri Energy Tablets
60 Tablet Bottle
$45.00 USD
Import Fee
$17.25 USD
$8.10 USD
$70.35 USD
60 Tablet (2 Tablet) Single Serve Packets
$49.00 USD
International Product Import Fee
$18.25 USD
$8.82 USD
$76.07 USD
QuiAri Energy
$125.00 USD
(60 Tablets) and
Import Fee
$37.25 USD
QuiAri Shake
$22.50 USD
(28 Serving Bag)
$184.75 USD
QuiAri Energy
$250.00 USD
(60 Tablets
x 2 Packs) and
Import Fee
$68.50 USD
QuiAri Shake
$45.00 USD
(28 Serving
Bag x 2 packs)
$363.50 USD
QuiAri Energy
$500.00 USD
(60 Tablets x 4 Packs) and
Import Fee
$131.00 USD
QuiAri Shake
$90.00 USD
(28 Serving
Bag x 4 packs)
$721.50 USD
+1 Bottle
QuiAri Energy FREE
Buy the product for your personal use. Try the results of the product. Your product experience will increase your confidence because you know that QuiAri's products are patented and have passed the test of results.

You just have to share your experience with people. USE THE PRODUCT AND TELL THE STORY According to this sentence, your business will be sky-high in a very short time span and all the dreams you have seen will be fulfilled soon.

QuiAri Business Plan 

As soon as you share the experience of the QuiAri product with the people, in the same way, the people associated with you will duplicate the same after using the product you sold.

QuiAri Business Plan offers you multiple types of income. 

Direct Sponsor Income

In QuiAri Business you can join any number of people in your Direct. The number of times your direct product is re-purchased, then you will continue to get a commission as per the following packages.

QuiAri MLM Business: Where Your Dreams Comes True

Team Commission 

QuiAri MLM Business: Where Your Dreams Comes True

As a team commission, 1 cycle is completed after 75 sales volumes are in the left side and 75 sales volumes are on the right side. $ 10 will be your payout for 1 cycle.

As you can see in the above structure the total left business is of 775 sales volume and the right business is of 425 sales volume. According to the 425 sales volume of the weaker side, you have 5 cycle matches. So your earning is
$ 10 x 5 = $ 50.

The capping per week for team commission is Rs 36,00,000. Meaning you can earn 1 crore 44 lakhs per month from this team commission. What amazing earning potential this business has! To promote quality products, I have not seen such a big earning from the team commission to date. That is why all your dreams are going to come true in this business. 

The most important thing about this business is that you are getting your commission here in just 5 minutes. Like other companies, there is no time limit for payouts and no minimum amount condition to get a payout.

As you have seen there is not any condition such as free registration, buying a product, or getting your team bonus.

According to me, this is a characteristic of the best company. The company itself wants you to earn money, then why are you waiting for? There are very few companies who really let you want to make money

Matching Bonus

As your team grows, you can get a matching bonus. The matching bonus is given to you on the team commission of your direct sponsor distributors. But for that, you have to get the next few ranks.

QuiAri MLM Business: Where Your Dreams Comes True

You will earn % of Earned Team Commissions by Your Directs
Left Team Sales Volume 5000: Right Team Sales Volume 5000
Left Team Sales Volume 10,000: Right Team Sales Volume 10,000
Left Team Sales Volume 25,000: Right Team Sales Volume 25,000
Left Team Sales Volume 50,000: Right Team Sales Volume 50,000
Left Team Sales Volume 1,00,000: Right Team Sales Volume 1,00,000
Left Team Sales Volume 1,50,000: Right Team Sales Volume 1,50,000
Left Team Sales Volume 2,50,000: Right Team Sales Volume 2,50,000
Left Team Sales Volume 5,00,000: Right Team Sales Volume 5,00,000

Speed Bonus 

If you do a business of 1000 SV from direct distributors within 30 days of your joining date, then the company can give you a speed bonus here. With this amount, you can fulfill your needs.

For example, if you made the sales of 500 SV left side and 500 SV on the right side, then you earn $ 500 in the form of direct commission and team commission. The speed bonus is provided by the company on that. Meaning if you promote 1000 SV, then you can earn around up to $1000.

Even if you do this business on one of your sides, you can still get a speed bonus of $ 500. Being a single side business does not give you a team bonus.

Friends, as far as you study the product and business plan, you will find that QuiAri business is a very big opportunity for you. You will not make the mistake of losing it.

In today's time, not only because of the coronavirus epidemic but also due to our lifestyle we deserved diabetes, heart problems, and cancer. These diseases are spreading like a common disease. Due to our food habits, we are torturing our health.

On the other hand, due to the lockdown, there is a recession all over the world. Millions of people have lost their jobs, on the other hand, all the small and medium-sized businesses are fighting for their survival. Read our previously published article- How To Survive In The Economic Crisis Caused By Coronavirus?

In such a situation, we are also going to give both health and wealth to the people through QuiAri Business.

That is why there will be people facing financial crisis or health crisis around you, then you must tell them QuiAri Business I believe that, along with them, you can get your health and wealth.

I just started the business promotion.

Join immediately to get strong powerleg.

For more information visit:

Feel free to contact me for registration: 8766522834

Chat with us on Whatsapp: 8766522834

Connect us on Telegram:

International users can join free Click here

QuiAri Business Presentation

How did you feel this life-changing article? You should tell me in the comment box. If you think that anyone can benefit from it, then definitely share it.

Thank You

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