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How to prevent a urinary tract infection

How to prevent a urinary tract infection

Moms, this is how you can prevent a urinary tract infection in kids!

Did you know? Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are very common in children, especially in girls. Moms, here are some useful tips that can help your children keep Urinary tract infections at bay.

You will be shocked to know that a urinary tract infection (UTI) is a common phenomenon in children. Yes, you have heard it right! Bacteria that tend to enter the urethra are eliminated through urination. But, when the bacteria aren’t flushed out of the urethra, they grow inside the urinary tract and can lead to an infection.

Your child may suffer from a UTI if the bacteria from the skin of the child may climb up the urinary tract. Here, how children wipe after using the loo can make a lot of difference. Holding pee for a long time can also be the cause.

Moreover, one of the most common reasons children suffer from UTIs may be E. coli that tends to originate in the intestines.

How to prevent a urinary tract infection

This is how you can lower the chances of UTIs

Ensure that you fully empty the bladder

When children fail to empty their bladder, completely by holding up the urine, the body tightens the bladder muscles in the middle of peeing, and this is why they stop early. So, moms, you must see to it that your children double pee and empty the bladder completely.

Proper wiping is essential

Wiping thoroughly is the need of the hour. Keep the bottom area clean and see to it that your child avoids reusing tissues that are already used or wiping the bottom and the area from where the pee comes out (urethral area). Use good products which are clinically approved.

Use the right clothes

Mothers make sure that your children wear cotton clothes, especially cotton underpants which allow air circulation down there. Wearing skinny jeans and tight clothes is a strict no-no. Doing so will not allow for good circulation and can be a perfect breeding ground for the bacteria which cause infection. Furthermore, if the children cannot control when they go to the loo, their undergarments should be changed frequently as the moisture down there can lead to the growth of bacteria which may put the children at the risk of UTIs.

Stay hydrated

Make your children drink water from time to time. Children should drink water and empty their bladder frequently as the bladder is happiest when it flushes out the toxins. Are you aware? Dark urine may invite burning sensations and make children want to hold it which is not advisable.

Give up on those bubble baths

Bid adieu to bubble baths. Yes, they can cause UTIs! Those bubble baths full of frothy soap can cause skin irritation in children and around the genital area too. You should give your children regular baths or shower.

See that your kids are not constipated

Along with holding the pee, few children also hold their stools. When the stool is present in the lower part of the colon, the bacteria are near one’s urethra. Thus, it is vital to have a regular bowel movement. 

How to prevent a urinary tract infection

Dr. Jagdish Kathwate

(Writer of this article is Consultant, Paediatrics & Neonatology at Motherhood Hospital, Pune)

How to prevent a urinary tract infection

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  1. To prevent UTI these are amazing tips but if you get uti then uti herbal tablets is useful to cure it.


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