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The exodus of Kashmiri Pandits

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The exodus of Kashmiri Pandits

India's biggest mob lynching

One bitterly cold night in Kashmir, the darkness was threatening with the loudspeakers of the mosques. “Either become a Muslim or leave Kashmir”. Kashmiri Pandits, for whom Kashmir happens to be their native place, were awaked in the fear if they would even be able to see tomorrow’s sunrise?

A poster seen today ripped his heart apart, which said, “Let your daughters and wives stay here and leave all the Pandit men out of Kashmir!” He’s out of his breath, and one moment starts to feel like a year. He had also seen this in the daytime that a herd of a few hundred people coming to the house of his neighbor Kashmiri Pandit.

Then the mob pulls him out and kills him. The women of that house are ruthlessly raped. The news of his being in his house gives the neighbor only to that herd ... the neighbors with which he celebrated the Eid with happiness as much as Diwali for himself. Has that sun ever peaked in his life? Do not know.

But thirty years ago, thousands of Kashmiri Pandits have seen this terrible situation with their eyes. Those who were destined to run away ... and thousands of that #MobLynching were sacrificed. But how many people spoke against this Mob Lynching?

#MobLynching is a hot topic right now. A Muslim came to rob, but people caught him. A bunch tied him to the tree and beat him a lot. They shouted Jai Shriram. In which the person died.

Getting caught while stealing, grabbing the driver in an accident and beating him. These incidents are happening every day, killing the innocent person by spreading rumors of stealing children, which are unfortunate. Such slaughterhouses can never be supported. The culprits will have proper action according to the law. Because it is the same for everyone.
But problems arise when some people find politics in such incidents; and for their own benefit, they start molding it in their own way.

Twitter and all social media divided in two groups. Some people were convinced that the Muslims are being treated atrocities in this country and the Muslims here are quite scared. Let's see a frightened Muslim Mufti watch viral video on Twitter.

Twitter and all social media divided into two groups. Some people were convinced that the Muslims are being treated atrocities in this country and the Muslims here are quite scared. Let's see a frightened Muslim Mufti watch viral video on Twitter.
Now, what do you call this mufti? Are they really scared? Do they really have the right justice to the victims killed? Or are these Muslims being incited for the political benefit of somebody else?

Or also say that the mosques and madrasas taught in front of the camera have come out. If there was no case of lining, does this mullah would have spoken like that?

Yes, He would have. Sometimes Vande Matram, Sometimes Shahbano Case, Sometimes Salman Rushdie, sometimes triple talaq issues, and sometimes Namaz on the road. Such people do not always get satisfied without poisoning every time. A few months ago, on the issue of sheltering Rohingya, the video of someone suggesting to the Hindu community of this country got viral.

In the meantime, the hidden snake came out in the pit. Whether lingering or not ...

Such goth and greedy people will continue to threaten Hindus with any excuse, and what will the Hindus do? See....

The exodus of Kashmiri Pandits

I thanks to this sister. In such an environment, she has emerged as a ray of hope. Gandhiji also believed that this will increase the trust of Muslims towards this country. I know this is a morphed photo, but it still told the hypocrisy of Secularism

But someone should also tell this sister that more than 2.50 lakh Kashmiri Pandits had to flee Kashmir from such a Mob Lynching ... thousands of people were killed in the day, so many mothers and sisters were molested. And a single Muslim never came out with such a poster. Why? Isn’t whatever happened with the Kashmiri Pandits mob lynching too?

This is Sarva Dharma Samabhav. Due to the mindset of Hypocritical secularism like Gandhiji, Hindus have to be ashamed since then, when we raise voice against Mob lynching with a Hindu. The limits of hypocrisy have been reached. In this period of social media, Hindus are said to be communal.

The truth is, what are the Muslims who thinking of killing all Hindus in the Indian subcontinent doing here?

So, he does not want to live with anyone else in India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and does not want anyone else to live in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afganistan.
And you call these people scared Muslims?

Let's watch this honest debate...

Now, don’t say that even in Europe and America, Muslims are going through mob lynching. In response to this, the Kathmulla wants to hoist Islam’s flag on the white house.

Muslims are still scared? Maybe. But not from Hindus, Christians or Jews. If they are scared, then from such Mullas who wants to kill them to go to heaven (Jannat)! And their misfortune is that there is a flood of secular and fundamentalist  Muslims who have lied to the truth.

This false and hypocritical secularism, which has always been exposed in the era of social media, has brought the country back to the brink of collapse within 72 years ... and the helpless Kashmiri is the burning fire of the largest Mob Lynching of this country, are still living their life in rehabilitation camps...

You hypocritical secularists, at least have some pity on Kashmiri Hindus....!
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