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Have you seen the Pakistani atom bombs?

Whether the issue is Kashmir or Palestine, Pakistan is the only country, who cares about Muslims, is ready to go to any extent for Muslim interests. this holy country, built 70 years ago, has now gone ahead to progress in making atom bombs

Pakistan believes that they have left India behind, in missile technology too; this is a glimpse of that!

Right now, after the removal of Article 370 from Kashmir. Pakistan has threatened frequently, on atomic war to India.

From Pakistan's International Affairs Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, the Prime Minister talks about the atomic war with India every day.

By the way, from Pakistan's army to Pakistani children are always ready for jihad against India, the same kind of bitter sip is given to them from childhood.

It is natural for the whole world to feel that after the Second World War, the atomic bomb will be used by either India or Pakistan, which can emerge as a threat to the whole world.

Pakistan has made atomic bombs with this passion. Will eat grass, but will make bombs. It was a popular slogan of Bhutto Sahab's time. 

Although it is different things, Pakistan became bankrupt due to this atomic bomb. But finally... they did it. I am not talking about atom bombs, the matter of eating grass!

The atom bomb that Pakistan made to protect itself (from India), today they have to protect the same bomb.

But today we will see a practical video of how Pakistan's atomic bombs are made.

Then the audience should decide that Pakistan has terrible weapons than the Atom bomb. About which the entire Pakistani community has been kept in the dark.

After watching today's video, it is natural to create panic in India. Let's see today's PAKISTAN BREAKING NEWS.

Pakistan News

Let's watch the broadcast from Pakistan's atomic bomb factory. Where the second atom bomb is coming out after one.

Let's watch the broadcast from Pakistan's atomic bomb factory. Where atom bombs are coming out one after one.

Let us now know about the factory producing this Atom Bomb….

You all know about the X-ray scanning machine.

Such machines are installed by the security personnel at the terminal, railway station, bus station so that the goods of the incoming migrants are properly checked, and any terrorist attack is avoided.

But educated Pakistanis, people are entering this Xerox machine from one side and coming out from the other side.

People are coming out of this machine instead of luggage.

can not believe it? So clean your eyes with Harpic!

I just did it...

Image source: Twitter

Oh hey ... just laugh gently brother ...!

How would you say this can happen ....?

Yes, it can happen. This can be done only in Pakistan, which is the holiest country in the world, for contracting the leadership of Kashmir and Palestine, which is far ahead to India, in the field of Science & Technology!

Pakistan is mind-blowing!

A video of men coming out of the X-Ray Scanning Machine appeared on a Marathi news channel.

You must have been surprised to see…. And promise, your laughter will not stop.

Image source: Twitter
Yes, I am also dizzy laughing!

The security guards present there also prevented these people from entering the machine, but no one was ready to listen!

Actually, the truth of this video was also revealed by this Marathi channel.

Know the truth behind this video in the channel's own words!

These are the passengers who returned from the Hajj Yatra. The routine checkup was going on, at the airport.

The pilgrims who returned from Hajj had holy water brought from Jamjam Falls. This water were brought by Hajj pilgrims in a small can.

When the luggage was kept in the X-Ray Scanning Machine for checking, these passengers felt that this Water Can be stolen!

Therefore, they did not consider it safe to keep this Water Cans, in the X-Ray Scanning Machine and along with Water Can, himself entered the X-Ray Scanning Machine.

Their video of the time, only to come out of the X-ray scanning machine became viral.

Now here are some questions that are naturally occurring!

Pakistan, the contractor of the entire Muslim community of the world, even can not protect the water of Jamjam brought from the Hajj Yatra?

Do the people of Pakistan, who are thinking about an atomic war with India on the Kashmir issue have no faith in the security personnel of their own country?

Are these not demonstrations of Pakistani citizens being educated (?)?

Pakistan's science minister Chaudhary Fawad Hussain, who described India's Chandrayan Expedition as a failure, when will teach science to these uneducated citizens?

Today the Science Minister of Pakistan has talked about sending a man on moon mission in 2022. This is not going to happen from you!. First, try to secure the water of Jamjam in your own country. Thereafter teach your citizens not to enter in X-ray Machines. If not, you people will become a joke in front of the world!

Those who cultivating donkeys are concerned about the safety of the people of Kashmir, but this video has told how much their citizens trust the security guards of their own country.

Pakistani people can not be able to eat atom bombs. You have left your country on the verge of becoming a beggar, after competing in modern weapons, with India.

Spend the same money in feeding the poor people of Pakistan and teaching them the science of the 21st century. So people can come out of the worst nature.

Do not worry about the rights of Kashmiris. You just worry about yourself.

You threaten the war with India, now we are suspected about your missiles and atom bombs as well. You will leave missiles towards India and the same will fall anywhere in your own country.

The meaning of saying, Pakistan should remain in its reality.

Now you will ask why the heading of this article has been given in this way?

The answer is simple, are the illiterate, goth people who can enter the X-ray scanning machine, less than any Atom bomb? I see only atom bombs in such people. And you....?

Jai Hind

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