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Sharad Pawar's power game!

Sharad Pawar's power game!
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In the past, the Nationalist Congress Party was in trouble because many of the established leaders had left the party. But now, due to these current affairs, the attention of the public is once again focused on Sharad Pawar.  

Like chess, politics is a game of intelligence, skill, and ingenuity. in this game, every move has to be played thoughtfully. One who knows when to move, where to retreat, when to give a shot, is successful in this game. If you miss a single move, then the damage is fixed. The reality of this is being seen in the politics of Maharashtra at present.

Assembly elections have begun. Political events have gained momentum. The ruling party poured hopes in the opposition politicians, that they would join the ruling party, one by one. Because of this, the ruling party became aggressive and the opposition quiet.
such a political picture was produced in the state.

But, suddenly Sharad Pawar was charged by ED (Enforcement Directorate), and politics took a different turn. Sharad Pawar called to the ED's office to inquire, the leaders stopped speaking out.

Chanakya of Indian politics was happy with his game because of this experience. However, Sharad Pawar is not only clever but also smart. Pawar announced that he would go to ED's office so that he would not be accused of not cooperating with the investigation as he will busy in campaigning for the next month.

By this plan of Mr. Pawar, ED started to run away. All arrangements had to be made to prevent Pawar for coming to ED's office. ED declared that Sharad Pawar won't need an immediate inquiry. Not only that, the Mumbai Police Commissioner had to approach him directly. Finally, the law and order should not be interrupted, so Pawar adjourned his decision.

When the ED follows, the leaders begin to panic. But Sharad Pawar, who is known as a smart player in politics, played such a 'POWER' game that the true purpose of ED action came to light.

At the same time, Sharad Pawar received sympathy from all over the state. As a result, the strength of the NCP was also demonstrated. He also made the decision to spread the team spirit among the youth and established leaders of the NCP. This is called, Pawar game of getting a chance out of trouble.

Transforming a political crisis into an opportunity, Sharad Pawar left to meet the flood victims in Pune. But, the day had come to test Sharad Pawar's ability! 

News of Sharad Pawar's role in ED's case had started positively all over Maharashtra, till the news of NCP leader Ajit Pawar's resignation came in the evening. Ajit Pawar had resigned as an MLA. Pawar didn't know anything about it.

Many rumors started to emerge from Ajit Pawar's resignation. The Pawar family began to speculate that there was a dispute. Various analyzes of his political displeasure began to be presented. News spread that it was an uncle and nephew dispute.

Sharad Pawar's power game!
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The positive talk that had started this morning about the Nationalist Party suddenly changed its tone. The situation took a serious turn.

But Sharad Pawar handled the situation properly. By saying that 'Ajit Pawar was 'upset' because of the crime registered against me.

He again showed his firmness. Of course, what about Ajit Pawar? This question was still unanswered.

He got the answer yesterday on 28th September.

At Sharad Pawar's residence, a meeting of Ajit Pawar with his family was held and the curtain on this play was raised. In fact, his script was written by Sharad Pawar only on the following day.

When Ajit Pawar came to the media, he read the front of the same script. Ajit Pawar explained that he had resigned without telling anybody that we were worried because of the unnecessary crime being registered against Pawar. He further said that Pawar's words were final for him.

Of course, what exactly was the reason for Ajit Pawar's resignation? It is a matter of conviction that Ajit Pawar did not tolerate criminal allegations against Sharad Pawar. If we consider someone as an ideal, then anxiety is natural. But, was that the only reason behind this?

The question still remains. But now he has no importance. There are other reasons behind Ajit Pawar's resignation! But it will not come forward anymore. Because Sharad Pawar has given a different turn to all this matter.

Did Ajit Pawar's resignation benefit or loss? The answer to this question will be answered in the future.

Talking about this, Sharad Pawar has transformed again this crisis into an opportunity. The people of Maharashtra, are now feeling that the crime registered against Sharad Pawar in the State Co-operative Bank case is a matter of political conspiracy. 

Sharad Pawar was pulled over in this case even when there was no director or member of the bank. Some technical reasons were put forward for this. However, no one was satisfied with it.

On the contrary, the allegations against the government grew louder and the voices in support of Pawar became louder. Pawar also got support from Shiv Sena, Congress. Now, if the general public also turned to them, it would not be surprising.

How can a scam of Rs 25,000 crores in a state co-operative bank worth 12 thousand crores? The question of Pawar will also arise in the public mind. The benefit of patience will certainly be in Pawar's favor.

In the past, the Nationalist Congress Party was in trouble because many of the established leaders had left the party. But now, due to these current affairs, the attention of the public is once again focused on Sharad Pawar. Sharad Pawar is the only name in all breaking news from 2-3 days, the state. This can also be called an achievement during the election period!

In politics, all the hard work is made for power. Power is sovereign. That is why the game of 'intellect' and 'force' is invariably played in politics. 

Sharad Pawar is a brilliant politician. So they know exactly what subject to judge properly, where to stop and which direction to turn.

Sharad Pawar handled the crime allegations by ED and Ajit Pawar's resignation very difficultly and politely. However, currently, Sharad Pawar's 'power' game has been successful on the political stage ...!

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