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Minerals are Important For Human, as much Vitamins (English)

In a busy life, people are very fond of eating vitamin-rich things, but why is vitamin not a symbol of strength. A, D, C, B-12, K- Our body needs all these vitamins. But there is another important element with them, which we do not consider as much as we should.

But do you know that along with vitamins, another important element is required for the body, that is mineral. Which rarely gets our attention. Minerals are as much needed in our bodies as vitamins. In our body, making hormones, contracting muscles, controlling and maintaining the body's acid balance is the job of the minerals.

Many techniques of water filtering and purification have come up, due to its use, the special materials present in the water are destroyed. Also, the minerals present in it are destroyed. At the present time, we have to forcefully drink water without minerals. To overcome these difficulties, we will tell you about some minerals as well as which things you can use to overcome the deficiency of minerals.


It works together with calcium. Magnesium deficiency can cause migraine, depression, muscle cramps, etc. This element helps in metabolism, converting blood sugar into energy, maintaining blood pressure and heart rate. To get magnesium, you should include green vegetables, almonds, whole grains, bananas, etc. in the diet.


Phosphorus accumulates as calcium phosphate in bones. Phosphorus is essential for the health of teeth and bones. Lack of phosphorous can cause joint stiffness, fatigue, bone pain, etc. In food, you can get phosphorus from pulses, nuts, milk, cheese, sprouted grains, meat, and fish.


Potassium, along with sodium, acts as an electrolyte, regulating the body's fluids. It also maintains blood pressure, heart rate, nerve impulses smoothly. The deficiency of potassium can cause muscle weakness, nausea. Including coconut water, bananas, milk and its products, fish, pulses etc. in your diet is not lacking potassium.


Manganese deficiency can lead to poor memory, digestive problems. You can get manganese from cereals, pulses, peas, tea, coffee, raisins, etc.


Zinc is an essential element for good immunity. It also nourishes your hair, skin, and nails. It is especially beneficial during pregnancy. Zinc is also a beneficial mineral for good sperm for men. If there is a deficiency of zinc, then viral cold, runny nose, sneezing, and congestion also happens quickly. Doctors say that you get zinc in food from whole grains, milk, legumes, seafood, pulses, sesame, etc.


Sulfur is necessary for the manufacture of protein in the body. It is anti-aging, helpful in keeping the skin soft and glowing. It also protects the body cells from sunlight, pollution. In food, you get sulfur from cabbage, milk, and its ingredients, almonds, walnuts, eggs, fish, etc.


Humans need this mineral for good digestion and nerve function. It is also necessary for the absorption of vitamin B-12. Lack of cobalt can cause problems of the eyes, loss of memory, vertigo, etc.

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