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Know The Symptoms and Prevention of Dengue Fever (English)

Dengue (pronounced DENgee) is a disease caused by the bite of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. In this disease, a rash starts on the body with a high fever. Where it spreads like an epidemic, several types of viruses can be activated at one time.

Dengue fever is a very painful and disabling disease. There is a lot of pain in the body of the patient, so it is also called bone-breaking fever. This disease becomes common during the rainy season because this season the problem of spreading epidemics due to dirt is more.

Causes and types of dengue fever

There are four different types of dengue virus. If a patient gets an infection from one of these types of viruses, then usually he is protected from that type of dengue virus throughout his life. However, with the remaining three types, he is safe only for some time. If he is infected with one of these three types of virus, then he is more likely to have serious problems.

Dengue is usually of denv-1, Denv-2, denv-3 and denv-4 serotypes. Serotypes 2 and 4 are less dangerous than serotypes 1 and 3. Reduced fever and platelets with shock in type 4 dengue symptoms, while the acute decrease in platelets in type 2, hemorrhagic fever, limb dysfunction, and dengue shock syndromes are the major symptoms. Every type of dengue has a risk of hemorrhagic fever, but it is less likely than type 2 in type 4. Dengue 2 virus carries the risk of severe dengue.\

Symptoms of Dengue fever

  • The incubation period lasts for 3 to 15 days after the bite of a dengue mosquito, at this time no symptoms of dengue are seen.
  • Dengue begins with high fever, headache, and backache. For the first 3 to 4 hours, there is also a lot of joint pain. Suddenly the body temperature rises to 104 degrees and the blood pressure also falls much below normal.
  • The eyes of the patient turn red and the skin turns pink. The lymph nodes near the throat become swollen. Dengue fever lasts for 2 to 4 days and then gradually the temperature becomes normal.
  • The patient begins to recover and the temperature rises again. The whole body hurts. The palm and legs also become red.
  • Dengue hemorrhagic fever is considered to be the most dangerous in which there is a lack of blood in the body along with fever. Red or purple colored blisters occur in the body. Blood starts coming from the nose or gums. The color of the stool also turns black. This is the most dangerous condition of dengue.

Ways to prevent dengue

In the prevention of dengue, it is necessary to avoid dengue mosquito bites and control the spread of these mosquitoes. Dengue is spread by a mosquito bite called Aedes aegypti. The dengue mosquito bites most of the morning.

To control dengue mosquitoes, only the breeding grounds should be destroyed. This mosquito thrives in clean, stagnant water like coolers and water tanks. Use pesticides in places where water accumulates.

Sleep with a mosquito net every day and wear full clothes. To avoid mosquito bite, use a mosquito coil or cream/lotion. Keep cleanliness inside the home and around the house because the chances of dengue mosquitoes flourish in the dirt.

Always keep the garbage bag/can be covered. To get rid of the dengue virus soon, identify its symptoms and consult a doctor at the right time.

Treatment of dengue

In critical condition, the patient needs to be admitted to the hospital. However, in the absence of dengue severity, treatment can be done only by staying at home and the victim does not need to be hospitalized. In this disease, keep the patient drinking fluids. Such as lemonade, juice, etc.

Dengue is a viral infection. In this disease, there is no need to give any antibiotics to the patient. In case of fever, give paracetamol tablets to the patient. If the patient is bleeding from anywhere, then he/she needs platelets.

Dengue fever lasts for 2 to 7 days. During this time the amount of platelets in the blood decreases. After seven days the amount of platelets starts increasing automatically. Contact the doctor as soon as symptoms seen in the patient.

Dengue Home Remedies

  • Do keep a plant of Tulsi in your house. Dengue mosquitoes run away only with the scent of basil.
  • Do not allow water to collect anywhere in the house and around the house. Keep in mind that dengue mosquitoes are mostly in clean water. Also, pay attention to cleanliness.
  • Use regular pesticides in the morning and evening. Many times we do not see dengue mosquitoes but their eggs are hidden in the water. Those who grow up become dengue. So use pesticides.
  • Use a mosquito repellent coil for 24 hours at home. Advise yourself and children to wear full-sleeved clothes and use mosquito nets at night. Be more careful during the day.
  • If anyone comes to you, first of all, advise them to wash their hands and feet. Only then ask him for tea and join hands.
  • Orange juice is definitely a must drink, as it helps in digestion and increases antibodies that give tired body agility.
  • Drinking papaya emerald is beneficial. This increases the number of blood platelets. Drinking juice made with papaya leaves is beneficial in dengue.

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