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Clay Pot Vs Refrigerator, Which Water Is Healthy? (English)

Clay Pot Vs Refrigerator, Which Water Is Best?

Our ancestors knew about these properties of pottery water, which is why they used this pottery only. Even in some homes follow the traditions and prefer to keep water in these pots instead of using refrigerators. 

In summer, as much as cold and relaxing water of pottery, it is equally beneficial for health. According to some Ayurveda Vaidya, clay pot water gives many benefits ....

The biggest benefit of drinking water from clay pot is that there is no fear of any kind of harmful chemicals in it. Plastic bottles have a fear of endocrine disruption due to BPA, a potentially toxic chemical that is not found in clay pottery. Pottery contamination is almost absent. Water should be stored in pottery because it not only enriches the water but also ensures that it is not contaminated.

Clay pot water is naturally cooled, while refrigerator water is cooled by the help of electricity. Such a big advantage is it saves electricity i.e. it saves money, and the clay pottery makers will also benefit.

Drinking water of a clay pot is beneficial for health. Its temperature is not too much lower than normal, which gives coolness. It helps to improve digestion. Drinking this water also increases testosterone levels in the body.

It also has soil properties that remove impurities from water and provide necessary minerals. Click here to know how important are minerals for the human body. In such a situation, clay pot water improves your immune system by freeing the body from harmful toxic substances.

The water of clay pot is more beneficial than fridge water because drinking it does not cause problems like constipation and sore throat. Apart from this, the water of clay pot only truly cools the body.

The pH balance of this water is correct. The soil alkaline elements and water elements combine to create proper pH balance, which protects the body from any kind of harm and does not deteriorate the balance.

Fridge water side-effects

Harmful for the digestion process

Fridge water impedes the digestion process of your food because drinking cold water causes blood vessels to shrink. This slows down the process of digestion and because the digestion of food is not done properly, the nutrients of the food are exhausted or not absorbed by the body.

Destroying nutrients

Your body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius and when you drink something cold, your body has to spend some energy to regulate the temperature of that object. Otherwise, this energy is used for digestion of food and absorption of nutrients. This is why drinking cold water does not provide nutrients to your body.

Risk of sore throat

Drinking fridge water can cause mucosa. The mucosa is the protective layer of the respiratory system. When this layer becomes clogged, your respiratory system becomes exposed and vulnerable to various infections and this is why the risk of sore throat increases.

Lowers heartbeat rate

Drinking ice water or cold water reduces your heartbeat rate. Several studies have shown that fridge water can stimulate the vagus nerve.

The vagus nerve is the 10th cranial nerve and is an important part of the body's autonomic nervous system that controls the body's involuntary functions.

The vagus nerve mediates to decrease the heart rate and cold water stimulates this nerve, which causes the heart rate to decrease.
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