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America has pushed the World into the War

Trump's attempt to win elections by igniting the spark of blind nationalism

पूरे विश्व को युद्ध की आग में झोंक रहा है अमेरीका

The Trump government in the United States has set the wick on the gunpowder to put the Middle East on fire. In the same year, American citizens have to choose their new president and that president will be the second one and a few days before the US military launched an attack on Iraq's airport with the intent to divert public attention from the process of impeachment.

Death to the most powerful army chief Capitalism in the whole world has to take the contract of lapping and through this, the amount of condemnation of America which is desirous of exploiting all the countries of the world is less. American terrorism is the worst and blood-stained face after the terrorist attack has come in front of the whole world. There is a need for America to stand up against this capitalist terrorism. 

Trump's wartime move

पूरे विश्व को युद्ध की आग में झोंक रहा है अमेरीका
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The US killed General Qasim Solomoni of the Quds Command of the Iran Revolutionary Guards Force (IRGC) in an airstrike. Ever since he sat on the throne of power, US President Trump (whom most Americans today are fed up of and has the opportunity to make him powerless) began to leave a spurt of poison against Iran. He immediately started the process of canceling the nuclear deal signed with the government of former President Barack Obama with Iran.

America has been trying to make the entire Middle East colony therefore the last several decades. Some countries are already opposing it in this. Iran and the United States are arch enemies of each other since the Islamic Revolution in 1979 by Immanullah Khomeini in Iran. America has tried many tactics to destroy Iran. But they didn't succeed.

Everyone right from Ronald Rigan to George Boosh (Junior), were unsuccessfully continuously. For this, Israel was used in every possible way. Donald Trump has been trying all kinds of tactics to destroy Iran for the last four years. He tried to stop Iran's oil tankers a few months ago. Breiten was used extensively for this. But each time America had to face consequences. America's anger increased greatly due to these incidents.

What happened?

A few months ago, the oil tanker of Iran was captured by the British army at the behest of the American army in the sea. The US forced Iran to kneel in front of 'em. But Iran did not budge and due to international pressure, Bretten had to leave the oil tanker two steps behind. The Trump government was very shocked by this incident. In addition, a few months ago, a very advanced technology drone missile of America was killed in the attack. This drone was spying on Iran.

This American drone was so advanced that they thought no one could destroy it,  but America was shattered. But his demeanor broke when Iran killed the drone. Also on December 27, there was an attack on Iraq's American military base. Since then, the tension between Iran and the US has transformed into a fire of revenge.

Both the United States and Iran declared their opposing forces as terrorist organizations. Recently the American embassy in Baghdad was attacked by an angry mob. America is accused of being the mastermind of Sulemani behind all these incidents.

In such a situation, General Qasim Sulemani, Iran's strongest military chief, visited Iraq. The US saw this as a great opportunity. When Kasim Sulemani was going to Baghdad airport, the Amreki army killed him in an airstrike. He was accompanied by some commanders of the army, including Hizbollah organization commander Abu Mahdi Al Muhandis.

After this attack, Kasim Solomoni's death has been confirmed. Later, the responsibility of this attack was taken by the American army. The attack is raging throughout the Middle East, and particularly in Iran, and the possibility of a sharp attack from Iran soon has increased.

 Who was Kasim Sulemani?

पूरे विश्व को युद्ध की आग में झोंक रहा है अमेरीका

Qasim Sulemani was born on 11 March 1957 in Kraman province, Iran. After the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979, he entered as a soldier in the disastrous war with Iraq in 1980. Due to the excellent work done in this war, he continued to get promotion and he reached the rank of General.

General Qasim Sulemani was the head of the Quds Brigade, which conducted military operations abroad. Under his leadership, the Quds Brigade has laid a strong net in the neighboring countries including the Iranian borders. From Syria to Iraq and from Palestine to Yemen, the Quds Brigade has established its presence.

In a very short time, under the able leadership of Sulaimani, the Kuds army conducted successful operations in various countries. His role was instrumental in making the Iranian army more powerful. He was recognized as a brave military officer, from whom Irani knew him as his hero. Sulaimani has been a close friend of Iran's supreme religious leader Immanullah Ali Khamenei.

They do full reporting directly to them. The Iranian people used to see their new president in Suleimani in the future. He played an important role in destroying a dangerous terrorist organization like ISIS from Iraq. At the same time, in the ongoing civil war in Syria, along with the incumbent Bashar al-Assad. he fought with the American forces very bravely. It was due to his strategic help that Hezbollah emerged as a very powerful organization.

They also used to help the rebel groups of Palestine, which is losing the sweat of Israel at this time. The Saudis, who have killed Kulanche throughout the Middle East on the basis of American strategic help, and have been fueling the everlasting fire of Wahhabizam, have been waiting for many years in Yemen.

The Saudis were suppressing the people of Shiya majority Yemen due to their radical Wahhabi thinking. In protest against this, the Hutis who were fighting there supported Sulaimani. Not only this, he also supported the Baloch rebels in Pakistan who sponsored terrorism in India, the freedom movement of Balochistan. Ministers and diplomats of many foreign countries used to talk about being a trained diplomat among them.

What is the reason behind America-Iran tension?

पूरे विश्व को युद्ध की आग में झोंक रहा है अमेरीका

As we have seen earlier, America always had its bloody eyes on the oil reserves of the Middle East. Due to this, the American government has been trying to capture the Gulf countries of the Middle East and put their puppet governments there.

In 2003, the US invaded Iraq and overthrew Saddam Hussein. After this, the US exploited Iraq to a great extent. He wants to do the same for Iran. The American President may have elected the people thereby voting, but the capitalists have an important role in forming the government there. Most of the capitalists there belong to two arms factories or oil companies.

Apart from this, many multinational companies come from America. All this capitalist-industrialist later pressurizes the American government to force unrest across the world. So that their industries can run well and they can squeeze profits from people's blood. Somewhere or other, this intention is in the context of America's attack on Iran.

Second, America is also eyeing Iran's oil reserves. That is why America wants Iran to be its slave under the guise of Iran's nuclear program. The second major reason is Israel. There was a time when there were a lot of atrocities on the Jews around the world, they were murdered.

That is why the Mahasatas settled Israel in the Middle East. This country has been facing the invasion of Arab nations since its inception.

But the balance of power has changed in the last few years. Today hunting itself has become a hunter. Israel is creating trouble for everyone today from Palestine to Syria and from Turkestan to Lebanon. Millions of people in the Middle East have been affected by the expansionist lust of Israel.

Yet America supports Israel. But Iran has been supporting Palestinian rebels for the past several years. Sulaimani was doing this job well. Because of all this, America was trying to remove Kasim Sulemani from the path, which he did.

Dent in Trump's chair

On the other hand, President US President Donald Trump is currently in a mess. The process of impeachment is going on against him there. If this impeachment is effected, they may have to hide their faces. During the last four years, the living standards of the American public have fallen even further. In the same year, there is also a presidential election in the US, in which Trump has to try his bet again.

Noted poet Mr. Rahat Indouri writes that…

`Is there a lot of tension on the border,
Find out if there is an election in the country?'

Trump's intention to attack Iran and run over it in a blind wave of nationalism is reflected somewhere in this attack. In a result of all this, America would have executed the incident of this terrorist attack, it is believed by many international experts.

What will be the results? 

Now that America has launched such a dastardly terrorist attack, it is being called a declaration of war away. After this incident, there is a tsunami of anger in Iran. Once again in Iran, the revenge of the US has intensified. Iran too will not remain silent after this incident, because if he does then he will be the coward one and America will be ready for more attacks.

That is why Iran is now talking about teaching America a powerful lesson. But whatever, in this state of tension, the prices of petrol and diesel have started rising all over the world. If this battle erupts, then the prices of petrol and diesel may touch the sky in the coming times. Due to this, inflation in different countries can be accelerated. India's economies are in the grip of recession at this time. Unemployment has reached a peak in the country. In such a situation, if the prices of petrol and diesel are increased, then there will be a very bad effect on India

Government of India must take cognizance

पूरे विश्व को युद्ध की आग में झोंक रहा है अमेरीका

Since Iran is a natural friend of India. India and Iran have had excellent relations with many previous centuries. At this time India imports large quantities of oil from Iran. America has been missing this thing for the past several years.

He repeatedly pressures India not to buy oil from Iran. But if India gets oil cheaply from Iran, then what is America's problem in this? Where there are oil reserves of American multinational companies, India keeps pressing for it to buy oil from India.

In view of the relations between India and Iran, this incident should be strongly condemned and the anti-American war crimes should be opposed. But at this time, the policy of the BJP-led NDA government at the center has already been pro-American.

Therefore, it is difficult to say anything about the hard role he will take in this context. But in view of the interests of the country, this time India should try to reduce the tension of America and Iran by condemning this incident. 

Otherwise, to bring a boom in its economy, America can throw the world into the fire of war, in which even India will have to play a crucial role with or without consent.

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