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The end of the Alpha Orions

The red supergiant, the eleventh brightest star in a milky way, such large mass is about to explode into a huge supernova. As Stephen Hawking said, When you look at the night sky in terms of radiation, all you will see is the beautiful sequence of birth and deaths of interstellar objects. No exception to this beautiful giant. According to NASA, around 700 light-years ago, Betelgeuse, one of the alpha stars of The Orion belt entered its last phase.

Scientists believe that the light from that unusual blinking is now some 700 light-years away from our home, continuously dimming its light.

Betelgeuse is showing abnormal behavior in cycles of 14 months and longer cycles of about six years. scientists have been keeping the record of this giant for a long time now. And observed that the star might be about to explode..

The star has approx 10 times the mass of the sun. Luckily this phenomenon would be visible to us with the naked eye. The star is made up of heavier metals. Hence resulting in great explosions on the surface. It is hard to predict when it will explode, But experts say most probably the year for this phenomenon will be 2020-21. The star will collapse violently and then explode. This will release a huge amount of energy, enough to destroy a lot of interstellar bodies.

We have come across some really beautiful natures' magical tricks, But being the top brightest stars has something extraordinary in itself. For a while, the dying star will be visible in the daytime and shine as bright as the moon.

But as they say, One tragic end can be the beginning of another beautiful phenomenon, We never know.

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